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Indian refugee

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Honest1234, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Hello how i can go canada as refugee ?
    I am from india, last 6 years i have been woeking in UAE

    Due to some political situation there, i dont want to go back india!
    What should i do?
    Please reply urgently
  2. Not wanting to return to India is not a reason to claim asylum. As you have been living in the UAE for 6 years, it will be a challenge to prove you have any grounds to claim asylum

    How have you been directly affected by the political situation? Are there threats to your life? Were you attacked? Can you prove your claims with evidence?

    Have you considered immigrating through one of the economic streams?
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  3. Economic stream?
    You mean exp entry/pnp like that?
  4. Yes
  5. I tried it already
    My CRS point is not sufficient
  6. An asylum claim may not be the solution. In fact, if your claim is rejected, you can forget about getting visas to any visa-required country for the rest of your life.

    You need to try to improve your CRS score. Or if you're unable to immigrate to Canada then maybe you can move/immigrate to another country
  7. Really? you mean all claimant whom their cases were rejected are banned for life to Canada and all visa-required countries?
  8. They are not banned banned for life from Canada. However they need an ARC to return to Canada. Also, with a failed refugee claim for Canada, it typically becomes impossible in the future to obtain any sort of temporary visa such as a TRV, study permit, work permit. It's still possible to apply for PR - although the ARC process has to be completed first.

    Travel with temporary status (visit, study permit, work permit) to other countries often becomes extremely difficult as well since the failed refugee claim to Canada demonstrates a lack of ties to the home country and an interest in moving elsewhere.
  9. The person would need to declare the failed asylum claim (if that happens) when s/he applies for visas to any other country. This would effectively reduce her/his chances of being granted visas to those countries
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    The refugee program isn’t meant as an alternative to immigration. It’s designed to help those truly in trouble, not potential immigrants who don’t want to go home or can’t meet eligibility requirements for immigration.
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  11. Hi scylla
    I follow your posts which are informative.
    I have few question regarding removal order.
    1) If refugee case is rejected at RPD then some one wants to appeal at RAD or Federal Court . At the time of appeal initiation or process ,Departure Order will be suspended? If yes then once appeal will be rejected at RAD or FC then which type of removal order will be applied means same departure order which is applied at RPD rejection time or deport order??.and how many day will be given to go back to back home country??
    2 ) At the time of appeal , should some one apply for stay of removal order separately? or will it be automatically considered as stay to removal order once appeal is filled? Regards
  12. Wrong.. I know failed Canadian refugee claimants who entered USA on visit/business visas.
  13. Are you aware that the US and Canada share immigration data?
  14. Last I checked there is no political situation in India to ask for Asylum, I know this because of tons of people from Punjab doing the same to come to US. They will outright reject you, and you being in Gulf for the last 6-years is not going to do anything better for the cause. Improve your IELTS and increase your CRS like others do and attempt the PR route. Good luck.
  15. Under what treaty?

    As Canada and US are different countries there needs to be a treaty between the nations.

    They don't share any immigration data. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

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