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IMM008 12J Accumulation of funds


Aug 15, 2020
hi, does anyone can share how to write the narrative document? it'd be great if can see the reference or the format. big thanks


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Sep 12, 2019
I copied and saved it with me but it was provided by another member of this forum..
Apologies that I am unable to give proper credit to him/ her:

I followed the official instruction below:

- Employment income: date, amount and source for each year of employment;
- Business income: amount accumulated while the applicant managed the business as well as dates the business was in operation, share of distributed profits and
accumulated profits;
- Investment income: shares, units, bonds (date and purchase price, sale price and current market value), interest, dividends, capital gains (date, amount and
- Dates and amounts of each investment made;
- Cumulative gains on personal assets: real estate (date and purchase price, sale price and current market value), other; - Inheritance, donations and non-bank loans: date, amount and source, accompanied by documents confirming:
• the identity of the donor and/or lender and his financial capacity to give or lend;
• the transfer of sums borrowed and their complete or partial repayment.
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