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IMM 5644 E link broken

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by keith6661, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Im currently in the process of renewing my PR card but an essential part of the application is the document checklist but if you try to open the checklist on the site it doesn't load. When you try to go to the Adobe site it says the page doesn't even exist. I've tried this on several different computers but still no luck. Does anyone have the same problem or even the document checklist (IMM 5644 E) itself?
  2. August 2018 and the link is still broken. I typed in the number of the form on to Google and found a copy that wasn't broken. Whether or not the form is still current is another matter.
  3. So are you saying the above solution does not work at all when the please wait message comes up ?
  4. Easy. On that page where it says Please Wait... , right click and click Save as, and save to OneDrive or some other drive. Then go into OneDrive and find the file and then double click on the file, and the document will come up. Worked for me, no problem.

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