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I'm already 2 months in Canada and I struggle to find a job as an AutoCAD technician. Any ideas why?

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by Ridge, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone. Been long time since I've posted here. You guys are always helpful so why won't you help me to figure out what could possibly go wrong? :) Seriously, I'm not asking to find me a job, just tell me what am I doing wrong.
    I'm almost two months in Calgary (have PR card and class 5 basic driver's license) and there're no job opportunities for civil engineers here. I mean, employers post some vacancies, but they don't respond. I try to find a job as an AutoCAD technician (with ArcGIS and Civil 3D experience), construction surveyor/surveyor assistant (since my first degree was in geomatics and geodetic technology) or junior construction estimator. My CV is good, I mean it. I've researched multiple websites that provide information on how to make a proper and relevant CV and a cover letter.
    So, how I actually try to find a job:
    1) Wake up in the morning.
    2) Search for a job with some key words like autocad/survey/surveyor/estimator via eluta/monster/indeed/jobbank/careerbuilder
    3) Apply with my CV and a cover letter.
    4) ?????
    5) Repeat the process
    Feel free to share any ideas what could possibly go wrong. Thanks in advance!
  2. Not even a phone interview with recruiters?
  3. Yep, no phone interviews. Only one company sent me a message that they're no longer looking for a candidate for this position. And they did it a minute after I've applied for the vacancy.
  4. Did you visit the local newcomer center and speak with and employment counselor? If not, I would recommend doing that.
  5. You mean this one? http://centrefornewcomers.ca
    There's one in Calgary but I've read some reviews and it seems that they are not helpful at all. Could you tell me how exactly they can help me in my situation?

    Here some 1 star reviews that sound real:
    "Dont waste your time, no different than looking for a job online.Employers need Canadian experience which Newcomers dont have. Bunch of people employed at the centre are making money for doing nothing. Budget given to this center would be better spent if given to a recruiting agency. You would be better off working with a headhunter randstad etc where they facilitate you with an entry level jobs."
    "The help that you can get here to find a job is not more relevant than the one you can get online; actually YouTube has videos more useful than these sessions."
    "the centre seems not genuine to help the newcomers. There are there for their jobs. New comers need more understanding and compassion. It seems they are just after the number. Volunteer coordinator, admin people talks behind your back and they claim they are professionals."

    All 5-star reviews look like they're written by their employees:
    "They teach you how to settle in."
    "Community centre for new residents"
    "Clean and inviting."
    "Bought pork barbeque at the Chinese shop" lol
  6. Do you have a linkedin profile? I suggest creating a strong profile and using linkedin jobs. Recruiters are heavily using linkedin to find candidates.
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  7. Tbh, I don't have any social networks. I only post here with some fake name. Not even youtube or facebook profile. What's the purpose on this linkedin? Can it provide some job opportunities for users or it's just another facebook but "we're not facebook we help finding jeeerbs"? I'm gonna make an account anyway cause I lose nothing. Thanks for advise, mate.
  8. As I said, there is a job search platform within it. Here, you can read about it yourself. https://www.linkedin.com/
  9. Well if you do not have a LinkedIN profile then you chances of getting a job are cut by half. Even hiring companies and recruiters you apply to on Indeed and other job sites will be checking your LinkedIn profile. So sign up asap and start networking. Also consider joining groups related to your profession as well as companies on the platform.
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  10. Try networking (the jobs advertised are normally just what you see at the tip of the iceberg)
    Tailored your Resume to Canadian standard
    Research other provinces/regions where they may be a higher demand for your skills & experience
  11. yes, I would highly recommend Linkedin. It is great for networking with not only companies in your chosen fields, but also people in that field. I joined when I was in the UK, but as soon as I updated my profile when coming to Newfoundland, I received countless requests to link up with people.
  12. LinkedIn is almost mandatory.
  13. Yeah - not having a linkedin profile is a huge miss. You should set one up as soon as you can. That's the first place I go for anyone I'm considering for a role. You should also join a few groups linked to your profession on linkedin.

    100% agreed that's where recruiters are.
  14. I'm not a huge fan of social networks, so is there any company that can help me out with that?.. I found staying at linkedin uncomfortable. I'm 28, tho, If you thought that I'm an elderly person. Just don't get and don't like this stuff.
  15. Linkedin is not a social network.

    I would strongly recommend that you find a way to be active there yourself and learn the linkedin platform. As others have said, many (many) recruiters work through here and you're not going to benefit from this if you don't know how to use the platform and can't interact with them yourself. A company really can't do this for you.

    Being active on linkedin doesn't mean treating it as a social network like facebook. Being active means setting up your profile (basically creating an online version of your CV), joining a few related groups (you don't even have to post in them, you just have to join) and responding to any recruiters who contact you individually about roles. That's it. I'm not a facebook fan at all - but you'd better believe that I have a linkedin profile and it's up to date.

    The world is moving more and more online - this includes jobs and recruiting. It's important for your career that you keep pace with these trends and change along with them.

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