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IELTS - Writing - For Band 7 or Above.

Discussion in 'IELTS - CELPIP - TEF - TCF - Language Testing' started by H0peAndFa1th, Jan 25, 2018.

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    Disclaimer: As a writer of this thread, I never got more or less than 6.5 in writing.

    I am stuck at 6.5 bands in writing, got personal training from ex-ielts examiner, she explained alot, but still no avail, read books/info/tutorials from various ex-examiners, such as ielts-simon.com, Ryan higgins (ieltsielts.com), ielts Liz and many others I can't remember now.

    My other maximum scores, Reading: 9 ( in both AC & GT), Listening: 8.5 , Speaking: 7.5, in short: Reading depends on your vocabulary, Listening and Speaking is luck. I admit that my grammar is weak, at least I feel that.

    enough about me, Let's Talk business.

    in this forum, there are many others like me, So I want to focus only on writing.

    Feedback From IDP on writing
    This is just a starting, I will add learning material, essays, essay analysis, written essays by me etc.

    Let's admit that, we fail at writing and there is no conspiracy theory. Let us work towards improving it.

    Please Share writing material, tips, tricks etc.

    Post your own essays

    I would like to suggest that you should take print out of this pdf file.
    its cleared sample answer sheet pdf,
    write on that, in time bound manner, like in 30 minutes
    Click picture of it and post here, then we can check each others mistakes.
    Make sure your handwriting is understandable and picture is nice.
    I really hope we can work something out here.

    Writing Materials

    1. IELTS Academic & General Task 2. How to Write at a Band 9 Level (2017) -Ryan Higgins
    note: I think this is the best source to know what cohesion and coherence is.
    2. Essay Writing for English Tests by Gabi Duigu
    note : This book should be your first book to understand what kind of writing they want from you, it was re-printed in 2003, I think this is mother of most of other ielts books, others are spin-off of this one.
    3. IELTS Writing General Task 1 - How to write at a band 9 level -Ryan Higgins
    note: Precise and clear in less time.

    More material will come..
  2. I got my test result, and I'm very much disappointed with it.
    L-8, R-6.5, W-5.5, S-6.5 and overall - 6.5

    This was the second time I took the IELTS test, and my earlier score was
    L-7, R-6, W-5.5, S-7, overall-6.5

    I'm so broken now, I don't know what should I do. I really don't know where I am going wrong in writing. I don't want to take the test for the 3rd time. Please help with, is there any alternative? I really can't make through it. Please help.
  3. Nope there is not, and you can check on this forum people have already given ielts 6 times, 8 times, 6th Jan was my second attempt in general, and already given academic two times, I personally know people who gave 4-5 times, So don't think that way, its like brute-forcing.

    The main reasons for not succeeding in first two attempts is, you actually don't get the idea about test in first attempts, if your English is weak or you are nervous, then it makes things worse for you. I have seen people so relaxed, when they are taking it like 5th, 6th or even 8th, 9th times.

    from your scores, its clear that your Reading is weak too, Its all about synonyms and comprehension of text.

    Hey I have uploaded a new book, Essay Writing for English Tests by Gabi Duigu, check above, when I was thinking about your 5.5 bands, it just came to my mind that this could help you, first I was going to write a long lecture, but this book is THE BEST for you, I only recommended things, that I have read.

    Read both books ( 1 & 2) then try to write a essay on above cleared sample answer sheet pdf, post your essay pictures.
  4. Go to www.engvid.com and www.goodluckielts.com, I tried their tips on writing and got 7 and 7.5 in writing sections of my IELTS. Also go through Barrons 1100 word list.

    I believe writing needs a proper format (structure, transitions, examples etc) and usage of some good vocabulary, if you have these two, 7 shouldn't be an impossible task.
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  5. Thank you both of you, but I'm really broken. Should I go for Rechecking? I was really confident this time on my writing. I am so confused about it now. :(
  6. Reading scores usually don't change, those are mostly one word answers and 2 people check those , so I doubt that you will get that improved.

    Speaking and writing are subjective and depends on evaluator, few people see improvements in those sections but 1.5 upgrade is unlikely.

    For good CRS you also need 8 in listening in order to reach CLB9. Again, like reading, listening scores rarely change.

    I would advise you to prepare harder and give it again.
  7. Dear All,

    Can some one please advise how much should i score in IELTS for PNP.
    I have graduated from a university from India and post graduation from University of wales UK.
    Total 7+ years of full time Work experience in UK and Dubai from MNC Companies.

    Can someone please advise from your experiences ,thanks in advance.
  8. But I am a student and want to study abroad, my minimum criteria is of 6 bands in each module and 6.5 overall. So, likewise I'm just looking to apply for Rechecking just for writing, just in case. Is there any chances that my score will go up from 5.5 to 6? Because I feel that they also might be knowing that students take the academic module to study abroad. I just want a .5 increment and nothing more, please guide through it.
  9. My bad , I wasn't aware of your requirements. Yea .5 increase is possible, so if that's all you need, then no harm in taking a chance with the revaluation.
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  10. I'm really scared. I have never been so depressed lately. I think I should go for the writing revaluation. There might be chances that .5 increment is possible and then my overall will be 7 I guess. Isn't it?
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  11. Writing is the toughest section. Reading and Listening scores do not change. They are usually accurate. If you are confident then revaluation might help. However, it is costly for a recheck as well.
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  12. start practicing soon, and post practice essays here - let people with higher scores evaluate.
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  13. Guys,
    I would like to share my experience with you all in the hope it helps someone.

    I took my IELTS on 16th December 2017 for the first time ever and my scores were a decent LRWS 8, 8, 7.5, 7. When I came out of the exam hall, I knew Speaking test didn't go well and I was mentally prepared to take a retest after checking my results. I remember telling myself that I'm a better speaker than my scores and I'll do better in my next attempt. Imagine my relief in getting to CLB9 in my first attempt! That said, I'll put in a few tips that might be helpful as regards to Writing.

    1. Firstly, practice. Not for knowing WHAT to write (at first), but HOW much to write. Trust me, you'll have little to no time to count during the exam to check if you've met the word limit or not, so get a hang of the number of words Vis a Vis length of your essay/letter. You lose 0.5 band for not keeping to the word limit, so don't lose it there!

    2. Secondly, plan your answer. Take 5 minutes max before you start your essay/letter and just think and roughly jot down 3-4 points. Pick two best ones and simply follow this format between your introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The basic idea is to let your key points flow smoothly:

    Para 1, Line 1 - Firstly,...(your idea here)...
    Para 1, Line 2 - (explain you think it's good/relevant)
    Para 1, Line 3 - Therefore/Hence... (Repeat your idea, but rephrase it slightly differently )

    Para 2, Line 1 - Also/Moreover/Secondly,...(your idea here)...
    Para 2, Line 2 - (explain you think it's good/relevant)
    Para 2, Line 3 - Therefore/Hence... (Repeat your idea, but rephrase it slightly differently )

    3. It's a Complete Myth that you need to weave complicated sentences with high level vocabulary to get a good writing score. Simple sentences, showing good use of sentence joining structures such as because, although, moreover, while, however is more than sufficient to score Band 7. So practice writing such sentences together. One example would be:

    Instead of writing this:

    I arrived at the school very early on Monday morning. The school gates were closed on the account of a holiday that i was not informed about.

    You could write:

    I arrived at the school very early on Monday morning, but/however, the school gates were closed on the account of a holiday that I was not informed about.

    Hope you get the idea now.

    4. Spellings: i cannot stress enough about the importance of spelling. Do not use words that are too long or complicated to remember. It's completely okay to write another less complicated but equally effective word. Do not use high level words to impress examiners if you do not know how to use them. ROOKIE MISTAKE . It's perfectly ok to write: One of the repercussions (penalties) of not following safety guidelines is a personal safety audit.

    I've tried to outline points that you may not find in the guides. Sorry for the extremely long post. Do reach out to me if you have any questions.
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  14. I'm waiting for my TRF, and as soon as I get it I'll apply for EoR, and I'm thinking to just for the Writing module, my scores are LRWS 8, 6.5, 5.5, 6.5. what do you guys suggest? Will the writing score would increase? I just want a 6 in every band and that's it. That's my university requirement.
  15. My First Essay, written 36 minutes, timer was set to 35 minutes, will try for 30 minutes next time.

    words 270 aprox.

    Be brutal as much as you can.


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