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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rahuljoshi88, May 28, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    Do you need IELTS while applying under PNP PR application with NOC A, B, 0.

    Please help! I have called CIC and got different answer each time.

  2. rahuljoshi88,

    I hope you are referring to provincial nomination program and yes you need IELTS for it
  3. Hi rajanvnv

    I got provincial nomination. I will be applying to cic for PR.
  4. what is the minimum score that u shud have for example MPNP,BC & Sask?

    and which province u applied ?

    I'm also trying for PR but due to less ILETS score overall 6.0 L/R:5.5, hence not eligible for EE. so trying for any PNP...!!!

    Please advise any PNP name without Job Offer?

  5. Dears

    For paper based application (old PNP method), there is no requirement for ielts for O,A & B occupations as per PNP checklist for PR application to CIO/CIC , only C and D Occupations are required to submit ielts for PR application to CIO/CIC.

    For express entry based application (new method ), all occupations are required to submit ielts (6 each band) for PR application to CIO/CIC.

  6. I submitted a copy of my IELTS with my Application (my noc is A) , if someone in CIC told you
    that I suggest you to follow that direction.
  7. Hi All,

    Could someone please confirm whether we need to provide IELTS for PNP based PR application to CIC? I know IELTS is required for all PNP programs, but how about for the next step - Once you get PNP nomination and send PR application package to CIC...

    They have mentioned about NOC code level C & D - must submit IELTS copy. But how about for other NOC codes (O, A or B)? There is no information for other NOC codes. Do they still need to submit? If so, what is the validity for the test?

    Please advise. Thanks!
  8. Hi, two people did different things and both got AOR, so I believe that IELTS is not required when applying Sydney.
    (but if you have a valid IELTS send a copy it doesn't hurt you application at all)

    However, after that nobody knows if they are going to request this in the future, The visa office is in his right to request any
    documents they need. (proof of funds, ielts, etc)
  9. I had applied for MPNP under family friends stream. I received LOA under NOC 6411. kindly advise me should i do IELTS again for submitting application in CIC. The IELTS result which i had attached with MPNP file has been expired. So i required to submit the update result for the same.

  10. For NOC C & D, there is a requirement of valid IELTS result.

    But for NOC A,B & O it is not mandatory to provide VALID IELTS, However, for safe side one should include the expired IELTS with application package to CIO, NS Sydney.
  11. Hello house,pls iI need assistance. I did my IELTS test recently. Score Listening 6.5,reading 5.5,speaking 6.5,writing 7.I took the eligibility test but it says I am not eligible for express entry.I saw an ooption of applying for PNP programmes from other provinces like Saskatchewan and nova Scotia?pls any any advice as to what to do,should I apply directly to each province using this result? :eek: :-[
  12. Any one answer to my query please?
    I know u people r busy of clarifying other fellow forumers ;) issues/queries.

  13. If you need to apply to Provincial Nomination, without job offer outside express entry the options are very limited

    1. Saskatchewan, probably they are going to open January 2016, they announce each December the number of applications
    IELTS Required was low this and last year, however your profession needs to be on Demand in the province. if your application
    is regulated in Saskatchewan you need a license before applying. (this license could last 1 year to get it and require)

    2. Manitoba, they don't open each year and you need to follow their site closely in order to know when they open.
    Here you need to apply for exploratory visit, if they allows you to visit them you travel to Winnipeg for a week and
    after of your visit an immigration officer of Manitoba interview you, if you convince him, he provide you a letter that
    you need in your application for PR in Manitoba. However if you have a relative in Manitoba you can surpass the invitation

    As far as I know there is not any Province that provide a stream without job offer

    If you plan to apply Saskatchewan there is another requirement that you need to accomplish "Proof of Funds", and if you
    are going to apply in January 2016, you need to have a account with stable savings as early as October 2015, the older the better.

    Go to the site of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and download the guide to have a complete idea of another requirements
  14. It's a bit contradictory that SINP-EE only requires a low IELTS threshold but requires a valid Express Entry profile, which requires minimum 6 in each band. Anyway, it's irrelevant because SINP-EE is already closed: http://www.economy.gov.sk.ca/immigration/sinp-application-intake-thresholds

    I believe the quickest way to qualify for future PNPs would be to have a valid Express Entry profile, so you might consider retaking the test to score minimum 6 band in each.
  15. Hi! Thanks for the reply.

    Some say that if we include Master's degree along with expired IELTS, it will benefit or meet the language requirements. If any degree done in Canada, it will be considered or meet language requirements it seems. Do you think we need to submit degree certificates, proper explanation letter along with expired IELTS copy for PR application to CIC under PNP program?

    Please share your experiences and advice. Thanks!

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