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Ielts GT 9th feb questions And discussion

Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by Nidhzuu, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. The answer to that is True. IELTS rides on a lot of synonyms and paraphrasing. The clue will not be the exact words or sentence.
  2. That's what I mean....one has to understand and there were no such hints.....also assumptions doesn't work....
  3. No ....
    4) Saturday .... (NOT Saturdays)
    36) language ... ('different' was there before the BLANK SPACE) ==> which is the synonym for 'Foreign'
  4. The clue that lead to the answer being true was not an assumption but in the paragraph. If you recall accurately, it says that the buyer's need for the car must be met by the car. Not should or might.
  5. Saturday
  6. Who knows - 27 Feb (instead 27 February) is it a correct answer?
  7. 27 Feb will be incorrect, the answer has to be 27 February in full.
  8. Agreed. I have mentioned ‘False’ for this as well.
  9. Then it should be NOT GIVEN
  10. The question said that “Dealer should take care of the the purpose that that car is to be used for”.
    The paragraph said that “ If the buyer tells the dealer about the purpose of the car, he should be able to take care of it”.
    So, the dealer cannot take care of this aspect straight away without the buyer telling him.
  11. Ok ... I wrote NOT GIVEN ==> I guess am wrong in that ...

    For the Sentence Completion question having an answer, photocopiers ==> IS it photocopier OR photocopiers ?
  12. But I am not 100% sure since most of the Candidates on this forum have written ‘True’ for this. I just gave my viewpoint for the reason I mentioned ‘False’.
  13. Are you sure about all your these answers:
    Speed of Delivery : Too Irregular
    Transition : Too Sudden
    Purpose : Too vague
    Body Language : Too Unenthusiastic
    Visuals : Too irrelevant
    Vocabulary : Too Technical
    If not, Please let me know which ones you are not sure.
  14. These are correct.
  15. So i can assume you will get 9 in listening unless there is spelling mistakes.

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