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IEC - Provide Biometrics from inside Canada

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by P4tr1ck, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Or to the nearest country that has a VAC that you don't need a Visa for to do the fingerprints. Strange they turned you back. What passport do you hold ?
  2. Yeah I was very surprised - the CBP guard told me they "had turned hundreds of people back in the last few weeks for the same reason".

    I have a British passport.
  3. Hi everyone,

    did anyone have a similar experience of being denied at the US border because they wanted to give biometrics? I got my biometric request (I applied for PR outside Canada) and I'm currently in Vancouver on a visitor visa until July. I thought I'd go to Seattle and give them there since flights back to Europe are really expensive but after reading this I'm a bit worried. I'm a German citizen with a valid ETA and ESTA.

    All experiences whether you were being denied or crossing without problems would be appreciated!
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    You never ever want to lie to the CBP . This can result in a ban of varying lengths. One of the people you do not want to mess around with is the US CBP. However if you want to make your life problematic , go right ahead
    The standard question is
    “ What is your purpose of visiting the United States ?”
    Note if you’re going camping I’m assuming your car would be filled with camping material , you know , the usual stuff , tents , sleeping bags , clothes etc
    As well you’d have information on WHERE you are going to be camping , possible reservations etc
    If you say you’re going camping , you gotta back it up
    And don’t forget they have access to information on file with the IRCC
    No wonder people get themselves into a mess
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    I'm going by bus and thought I could just schedule another appointment for the same day and state that as a reason for going but if they can see in my file that I got the biometrics request I'm pretty sure they can put 2+2 together.. and I obviously don't want to lie if they ask me directly whether I'm going to get my biometrics done.

    I just didn't know that it was not allowed to go to the states to get the biometrics done before I found this thread. On the CIC website it sounds like it's fine as long as you have a valid visa and enter the states legally, but maybe they changed the rules recently. Not quite sure what I'm supposed to do now.
  6. Dont lie to the border officers, I just mentioned visiting Seattle and didn't talk about giving biometrics, I was pulled aside and given proper warning to be upfront from the word go.

    Tomorrow I will try walkin for biometrics in Seattle....and share my experience.

  7. I actually gave my biometrics in Seattle on the 7th of June. I called the US border before and asked whether I'm allowed to go for the purpose of giving biometrics if I have a valid visa and they told me it was absolutely fine. They were even a bit confused as to why I'm asking that. So at the border I just stated that I'm going to Seattle to give my biometrics and it was absolutely no issue. I went in the afternoon and had to show proof of appointment, as they didn't let walk-ins through the security. Heard it might be different in the morning though. Good luck!
  8. Fingers crossed. Thank you for sharing your experience
  9. Guys , I just walked in and no problems. They took my finger prints. Today I drive back to canada
  10. Hello all.

    I have a question regarding the dreaded biometrics.

    I'm married. My wife has a full work visa, I need to apply for a work visa. We are both living in Canada (me on a tourist visa).

    According to the Canadian IRCC website, I don't need to leave Canada to apply for a work visa if my wife is here with a full work permit. I am exempt from that requirement.


    ...elsewhere on the IRCC website, there is conflicting information: it says as a Brit passport holder, I DO need to leave Canada (for the biometrics).

    It doesn't feel like the information pages are inter-connected. Biometric pages seem to be stand-alone, with no information about circumstance other than country of origin.

    Have tried calling the contact phone number to clear this up with an agent, but there's a 25 mintute wait :(

    Anyone able to help?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Agent hung up the phone the second I said that my question was unrelated to any of the options on the phone service (no where is my question covered).

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    ...and just been informed by my cell provider that the phone line for the IRCC isn't toll free, and I've burned through my monthly minutes listening to automated cr*p.

    Really nice, Canada.

    This has been frustrating.
  13. You would be applying in Canada to change your status, so no biometrics.

    It's an 888 number, so it is toll free.
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  14. I thought it would be toll free! I checked online. Then I got the message informing me that I was unable to call the help line again because I'd run out of credit - it was the only number I'd been calling all day. Strange. I checked online again, and a different google result said that some 1-888 numbers aren't toll free. I'm confused (and slightly annoyed) by that.

    But you've given me an answer! Thank you. The IRCC website seems purpose built to prevent human contact. It is effective.
  15. Never heard of an 888 number not being toll free.

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