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i aply visit visa trv

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by raufbaig, May 15, 2018.

  1. Pls help me i aply canada trv on 30 aprill but i got 14 may reject he make objection that my travel history and i dont have fund for going and living canada
    these 2 point is full is untruthfull i visit more than 12 country last 5 years include europe. uk. and i have uk valid visa and 2nd. objection alsoo wrong my 2 personal account balance is more tha 2 lac canadian dolar and i have 3 company partner in uae and i am working in uae as a marketing manager and i am alsoo geting 5000canadian dolllar sellery and i paid last year tax in pakistan 250000pkr and my one plaza rentnal income yearly which i have tax paper acording to tax paper that rent yearly 10000canadian dollar and my uae personal joint account with my brother that balance 17000 canadian dollar my uae company balance is 100000 canadian dollar pls any help my why reject my trv and these put 2 objection what i need to do i want visit canada i am a orignal visitor because these 2 objection totally wrong
  2. Did you prepare/submit a Travel History explanation (in chronological sequence): Visa details + entry/exit dates for each visit + purpose of each visit?

    1. Does your personal tax returns match your bank balance?
    2. Does the declared sources of income match your bank balance?
    3. Is this personal funds that have accumulated over time or was this amount transferred from a company bank account/ some other bank account?
    4. Do you have other financial investments in your name? Or only this bank balance?
    4. Is this CAD 200,000 in your UAE bank account? Or in Pakistan?

    This is probably why the math does not add up. If your UAE bank balance is CAD 200,000, then it's not likely possible on a UAE salary of CAD 5,000. But, of course, you will need to tell us how you've done the math.

    What documents did you submit for these points?

    Okay. Did you include a letter from your brother that stated you could use CAD XXXX of that joint bank account balance for your Canada visit?

    You cannot include company or business finances for your personal visit.

    Unless you own those companies independently + the terms of establishment for your company allows you to use business money for personal visits/personal expenses.

    1. What was the purpose of your visit? For how long?
    2. Did a Canadian relative/friend invite you?
    3. What documents did you submit?
    4. Are you married and/or have children, if you're married?
    5. Do you have business partners for your UAE business? What documents did you provide for your businesses?
    6. Out of curiosity, why would you work as a Marketing Manager for CAD 5,000 when you are earning considerably more money from your UAE businesses?

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