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How to Get Canadian Driving License -for Newcomers

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by qorax, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. International Driving Licence is not accepted as a valid proof by the Canadian Ontario Province (Don't Know about other province) to explain the authenticity and driving experience. MY IDP was rejected as a valid proof and they accepted the other proof of authenticity which was issued by the driving Authority in India which is called Particulars Letter and told me that I can give G1 and get G license if I pass
  2. Bro. Qorax,

    When you say swappable, We do not need to give any written test or road test and will get the license right away - Correct ?

    Thanks again Captain Sir.
    You just are doing a fabulous job.

    Spending time for others is the best anyone can do. There are many to spend the money.. but time and information - very few :)
    Appreciate your efforts here again.

  3. Bro Qorax !

    Is this true even if the license is expired but expired less than an year from the time of swapping ?
    Also, Do we need to get the driving records from US?
    Would please be able to check and update ? ( My husband has a Texas license from 2007 June or so and had a Wisconsin licence between 2008 Mar & 2009 Jan. His Texas license was still back in use until 2010 Jan 14th when his Visa expired. The license would have a validity until 2016 - except for the fine print which says alien and valid until the date of visa. I am also having a Texas license from Mar 2009 and the same case as my husband. We have the licenses with us in hand. - Sorry, I had asked a similar question to you previously but hadn't been clear to get all the details. )

    I had also put up a query on swapping. Sorry for multiple posts.

  4. Straight Swap. No tests, nothing. And u'd need to:
    A. Prove your Canadian Residence.
    B. Your ID (the Pps & COPR)

    They'd take your US D/License though.

  5. Your US License must be Valid.

    About the 'fine print', regrets -I'm not aware. (yes, u asked this before).

  6. Thx Qorax.

    You are a gem.
    I am sure we would also probably come to you for some sort of query / help as others, post landing :)

    I hope we get our licences swapped and resolve the driving issue.

  7. Dear Qorax,

    Thanks a lot for such a useful info.
  8. If you look at http://www.drivetest.ca/en/license/ExchangeReciprocal.aspx it says at the bottom of the page that YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE MUST NOT BE EXPIRED FOR MORE THAN A YEAR AT THE TIME OF EXCHANGE IN ORDER TO BE VALID. so I would assume that this is true if the license is expired but expired less than a year at the time of swapping.

    it also says that United States (applicants from Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Vermont must provide a driving abstract dated within 6 months); so I would assume that for Texas, you need driving records.
  9. Hi Leon,

    Are you in Alberta? Where exactly are you based? I am thinking of landing in Calgary.Will appreciate if you can share some of your thoughts on the economy in genereal in Alberta as well as the scope for accountants.Since i found you on this thread and saw from one of your previous mails that u r based in Aberta i thought of raising this here.Sorry for a different subject on this thread.

  10. Thanks Leon.
    Appreciate your reply ad clarification. Its a magic that you guys ( you, PMM etc ! ) appear from no where to clarify if there is a clarification that is required.
    You guys along with Qorax rock the forum with your inputs. Please continue do do so.

    Meanwhile, I have written to the Texas DMV and am waiting for a reply / call back.
    All they say is that they will send it to my last US Texas address on the DL.
    Unfortunately I was in a Motel with my Husband and had the address.
    Do you guys have any suggestions / ideas ?
    We would need to get our licences ASAP as we need to be independent over there.

  11. Contact the motel where they will mail the letters and offer them a small reward to forward the letters to your address where you are now :)
  12. Hello Qoqax,

    Can you briefly describe your experience of Driver Test Written and Road... Just like the Landing Experience... This will help us in understanding what do we expect at the test... Also, can someone share the common mistakes people make... or what is commonly asked by the examiners...

    Thanks for great info...

  13. I will share my experience if it helps. You should study the driver handbook well before you try for the exam. On my written exam (Alberta) which was actually not written, it was taken on a computer, they asked about the meaning of some traffic signs, they asked about speed limits, they asked how close you can follow behind an ambulance (that one I remember because I did not know it and had to guess). They also asked what is the parking lane for on the highway and what are the speed limits and time periods you have to adhere to them in a school zone or a playground zone.

    If you fail the written exam, you can take it again the next day, it's not a big deal. A couple of years ago, it cost around $16 or 17. I don't know how much it is now.

    Once you have passed the written exam and have qualified to take the road test, you book an appointment. I can't speak for Ontario but in AB, they are booked by registry offices and you need to bring a car. If you do not have a car, you can often arrange to rent one. You may bring a car with an automatic transmission if you prefer. You should be very careful when driving. Do not exceed the speed limit, always properly mirror and shoulder check as well as signal before you change lanes. When he makes you park, make sure you signal when you leave the parking spot as well. I only took the basic road test because I could not prove my driving experience and it was easy. I can not speak for the advanced road tests but I knew someone with a lot of driving experience who failed it only because he was driving a little carelessly, not keeping both hands on the wheel, not properly signaling lane changes or shoulder checking etc. If you fail it, it is also not a big deal because you may take it again, maybe not right away the next day and it costs a bit more but it's not like they bar you from driving forever if you fail it the first time.
  14. Many thanks Leon for sharing.. that was good tip..
  15. Hello everyone,

    I have a question. I used to have a US driving license but it expired in March this year. The license was from Aalabama. Now I have been living in another country for the past 5 years. do I still need to get an abstract from Alabama?

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