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How to confirm if bio-metric received

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by mfkoko321, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I applied for TRV in August 28, and got the biometric letter same day and went to the visa office and completed it, usually people get tracking number for biometric but I did not, and the status in MyCIC still saying we need your biometric, I called the visa office and they confirmed to me they have sent my biometric to the embassy in Poland as I am applying from Qatar, I contacted the embassy and here is their response:

    Dear Sir,

    The noted application (xxxxxx) is still awaiting biometric results.

    We cannot estimate the exact date on which the final decision on your application will be made.

    Once this stage of process is completed, we will inform you accordingly.

    Does that mean they have received it ? what do they mean by biometric results ?
  2. I suggest you contact the VAC where you had provided your biometrics to confirm that your biometrics were sent to the visa office. Or if you need to provide your biometrics again for some reason.

    BTW you must give your biometrics at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) and not at a visa office/embassy
  3. Hi Bryanna,

    Thanks for your support, you are write its VAC I just called it visa office, I know the different now.

    I actually contacted them first and they said contact the embassy because they did their part, the strange thing when I was talking to the VAC they asked me for a biometric tracking number? they did not provide me one, they give me a sticker has biometric ID but there is no tracking number.

    Now the embassy says we didnt get it and the VAC says we sent it. What do you think if I raise a complain on IRCC website ? this might upset the visa officer but if they dont get the biometric they will decline my visa anyways right ?
  4. Hi Bryanna,

    I just got an update via email from Embassy of Canada in Poland:

    Dear Applicant,

    Please be informed that, we are still waiting for decision from our Partners in Canada, in regards to your biometrics results.

    Once we receive a response, we will inform you accordingly.


    Is that mean they are waiting for decision which means they have received it ? I am kinda confused, I latterly asked if they got it or no ? I am not asking about status or decision just a delivery ? my understanding for biometric is submission of my finger print and picture nothing els am I right ?

    BTW, the VAC updated me also with trackin
  5. I suggest you wait until this weekend. Do check for an update to your Biometrics status in your MyCIC account (now that you have the tracking number).

    In case the Biometrics status update does not change by this weekend then:
    1. Email the visa office to confirm whether or not the biometrics were forwarded by VFS. Mention the tracking number which you've been given.

    2. Give your biometrics again because it must given within 30 days of receiving the Biometrics Instruction Letter

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  6. Perfect Bryanna. I will wait till the weekend and see :) Thanks.
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    Hi @Bryanna till now didnt get any update other than whats listed above. There is two things, I actually, forgot to mention that in MyCIC account the status of Back Ground check is in Progress, so they are checking my back ground, this is since long time, not sure if it was before or after I submitted the biometric, cuz I submitted my application at 3 am woke up 8 am there the biometric letter and I did the bio metric at 10 am, then next day the back ground status showing they have started no email update though,

    The second thing is the processing time WAS showing in CIC for me is 18 days, by now its 21 day has passed, however, it's now showing 23 days should I contact them
  8. You can contact the visa office just to be double sure your biometrics were received by them although I think it's not necessary because background checks are in progress.

    Processing times are calculated on a weekly basis. Current processing time applies. No, your application has not passed this time. And, I would wait for a decision without sending a Case Specific Enquiry
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  9. Thanks a lot for the advice.
  10. Hi, Just to update, I got today an email from the VAC:
    Further to your query, kindly note that you are not required to provide your biometrics at the Visa Application Centre again unless requested by the Canadian Embassy for further processing of your application.

    Also note that as per the notification received, your biometric details have been received by the Canadian Embassy for further processing of your application.


    Can't wait wait to check the application, currently, the online portal is down.

  11. Hi again, I logged in to MyCIC today and it was showing "Updated" under View submitted applications.. I checked there is no messages nor any letters. now again it says your action is required, biometric also still showing that "We need your biometric ....".

    is that normal whats happening to my application? I have now exceeded the 23 days processing time mentioned in CIC website, I also had to change my airline booking cuz the departure was today.

    should I contact them now ? what would you recommend, by the way the reason I am going to Canada cuz my wife in the hospital now delivering our first child and I included that in the application with Doctor note.

    I have also mentioned it in my email to the Canadian embassy in Poland.

    I missed the flight and I may miss the delivery :(
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    Hi mfkoko321, sorry I am not jacking your thread but I have a similar question.

    Applied for the application Aug 21, completed biometrics Aug 28th still showing as "Your Action Is Required" and nothing in regards to Biometrics received.

    please advise what to do next?Bryanna
  13. Hi @ak23 please feel free :).. Thats why we are here sharing info and getting some
  14. @mfkoko321

    As you have already received an email from the VAC stating your biometrics have been received by the visa office, you don't need to give your biometrics again.

    You can send a CSE + email to the relevant visa office requesting for an expedited decision.

    IMO, you're probably close to getting a decision. The ghost emails/updates are an indication

  15. @ak23

    I suggest you email the visa office to confirm whether or not you need to provide your biometrics again or if the visa office has received them. You should include the tracking number which you have received from the VAC


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