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How Much Time It Takes From Passport to Visa Stamped via VFS

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Saudamini, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Got PPR on April 13 and sent Passport on April 13 itself and still waiting for my Visa....Why after Approval they are taking so long.

    I have to book tickets and I read somewhere that guy sent passport on March 6 and got it on March 31, I mean I like what is wrong with just putting a stamp and send it back...

    I already had invited for CIIP GO Session now....Over the top, my mom says asking for passport doesn't mean its approval (Note she is 66 years old and doesn't understand English :p
  2. As you might know that April 14 and 17 is the statutory holiday in Canada hence at Canadian Embassy
    You sent your passport on April 13 which they won't get it til April 18, because of weekend, they will get it on Tuesday April 18.
    If your online application says its approved than it's definitely approved.
    Stamping doesn't take long, transportation to and from VFS is the key factor in time.
    Normally you will get it stamped back within 5-7 business days.
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  3. Online Application says it's in Progress, but I got the PPR...Doesn't that means Approved?
  4. 99% it's approval, they probably haven't update it online.
  5. I submitted my passport on 27th March and still waiting. Usual processing time for the stamping and return of the passport back to VFS, is approximately 20-25 days. It might delay in some special cases. For me personally, i will put it to 80 % confirm, untill I get stamped passport and COPR in my hand. Hope this will ease u a bit. Best of luck.
  6. 1% Rejection :eek:

    Why they will ask for Passport if they have to reject :-X :'(

    I think it's 100% Approval. PPR mentions that I am either in possession of CoPR or my travel document has been requested for processing of CoPR. I know few people go their passport within 3 days.

    NDVO issued PPR today, do not think they were on holiday.

    My VFS Status says:

    Visa application, tracking ID No.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is being processed at the Canada Visa Office, New Delhi. To know more, please call VAC helpline number or visit VAC website.

    Online it says that My Application is in Progress and they are processing my BG Check..
  7. 20-25 days :eek: Here they are saying 8-10 days for NDVO...Some people have got within 3-4 days

    PPR means 100% Approval, they have registered me on Group Session of CIIP! I already had My Action Plan Meeting, if it's not Approval why they will ask for Passport (PP) in first place, they will simply send Refusal Letter along with Reasons
  8. I prefer to consider the worst case scenario, and In case you get it early, hala lu ya. BTW, I searched through different forums and below are few links (may not be related to EE), which might clear the picture a but more. Although few of these links are old, but the authenticity of the facts cannot be questioned. thanks.

  9. That happens if and only if there are security/criminality/medicals reassessment concerns cropped up. That's it!

    My document mentions this

    As you now have been notified to submit your travel documents in preparation for the issuance of a COPR, you are strongly encouraged to obtain free pre-arrival services funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

    I think your case is simple Admin Delay
  10. I see there is one line

    Please be aware that being eligible for, or actually participating in an orientation session, is not a guarantee or an indicator that your immigration application will ultimately be successful or that you will receive an immigrant visa.

    I don't think above line means for the PR Visa

    Then see this line

    As you are now in a possession of a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), or have been notified to submit your travel documents in preparation for the issuance of a COPR, you are strongly encouraged to obtain free pre-arrival services funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). A variety of online services and in-person sessions are available to you, your spouse and your dependants. These services will help you understand life in Canada, employment and how to access other free settlement services once you arrive.

    Again These lines

    Please take this letter and present it to VFS for the purchase of the secure Passport Transmission Service. VFS will send your passport to the High Commission of Canada in New Delhi in a secure envelope. You will then be advised by VFS when your passport has been returned and is ready to be picked up.
     Please note that permanent resident visas cannot be placed in Diplomatic, Official or Military passports.
     There must be at least two blank pages in each passport.
     We are unable to issue a visa beyond the expiry date in your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months.

    I think it means Approval....

    Well, Actual Approval takes place when they place Visa in your Passport.

    I will send my screenshots to your email. Share your email address, curious to see yours too. I think you are being very negative
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  11. If you're in Canada, than yes it will be a whole lot quicker than being transported by VFS in India.
    I have sent my passport here in Canada and had received back on 3rd business day.
    I have heard someone not getting their passport stamped and with rejection letter, that's why i said 99% chance it's approved.
  12. Now I am again anxious and afraid :mad: :( :eek: :'( :-[
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  13. You don't have to be anxious or afraid, 99% times it's approval.
    Unless you have drastic change in your file like crime-wise which is less likely, you are not gonna get rejection.
    Be Optimistic :)
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  14. Then say that Criminality/Security which I said already or misrepresentation! Why make anyone unnecessary trouble. I am so optimistic and then this forum drives me anxious and crazy! Although it has helped me too!
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  15. Everyone here are helping each other and talking about things in general manner.
    Sometimes there are exceptions to some cases, and because of that they nobody will here give you any guarantee because it is not in anybody's hand.
    You definitely don't have to worry about it, everyone here are just trying to help.

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