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How many success rate of work permit after LMIA gets approved?

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Pilipina86, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, I want to sponsor my sister here in Canada as a caregiver for my kids.
    We are on the advertising stage at the moment and after we are going to apply for LMIA,
    actually I got couple of questions.

    How many success the LMIA will get approve?
    How many success rate for the work permit of my sister to get approve after LMIA approval ?
    (if ever - fingers cross)

    Thank you in advance :)
  2. Both are somewhat unrelated. If you have the financial ability to pay for a nanny (around 30K yearly) you will likely be approved. It is hard to hire family because previous abuse of the program. If your sister has the adequate training and experience she may get a WP. She may not be able to get one for working for you but she could apply for another family.
  3. Thanks
    Oh okay. thanks for your reply. At the moment, I think we can afford 30k. I hired an immigration consultant too to help us process the LMIA. Im more concern after the LMIA, if my sister will apply to it, how many successful rate of WP to be approve? she has an education -diploma and certificates as well. My husband and I are working full time so I need someone who I can trust.

  4. Hi,

    No one can answer your question about the success rate really. It all depends on the Visa officer who will examine and review your Sister's file. Even though she has all the credentials to be a Caregiver and you as an Employer has the capability to pay her wages, because of the reported past abuse of the Program, the chance of a relative's application to get a Work Permit is next to a thin line. Some were successful, but majority got refusal for a lot of reasons. But like I said, it all depends on the officer who will review the file. My advise is make sure your sister has a strong application, send all the documents that might help the case. Goodluck. By the way, Im an Kabayan right here applying for a Caregiver too. Keep us posted.

    Here is another thread for you as reference:

  5. Hi. Just wanna ask how much does the immigration consultant charge fees?
    We're also planning to hire a caregiver. Thanks in advance.
  6. what will make a differemce if i hire a lawyer for my sister to sponsor as nanny
  7. No difference. There will obviously be concerns about you hiring a family member because there was a lot of abuse by family members in the past who were using the program to immigrate and not to actually be a nanny.
  8. so what are the chances if some else sponsors LIMA them intead of us.
  9. Depends on her work history and education but yes another family has a better chance. It seems like many family members are trying various routes work, immigrate and study in Canada so there will be concern whether these are true nannies.
  10. any update on the new nanny visa LIMA process...some new stuff came on June 15 2019
  11. N 0 NEED 0f LIMA as PER ne w RULE
  12. You no longer need an LMIA as per the new program.
  13. No need for LMIA. For new program, they just need the following:
    - 1 year post secondary eduction
    - CLB 5
    - admissibility
    - job offer from employer

    You have to be quick though and make sure your application is accurately filed because there is a cap of 2750/stream. If your application gets rejected because of inaccuracies, you might need to wait for a year when the program reopens because the cap will be easily filled.

    Just to give you an idea how lucrative this new program is, we already receives over 300 qualified applications as early as last year and most of them already had a good headstart in preparing their documents. So you have to be fast!
  14. Don’t think you mean lucrative maybe you meant popular
  15. I stand corrected

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