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Nanny work permit for own sister

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by navdeep chahal, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    I have nanny LMia,my sister is nurse back home. could i hire my sister as nanny and start her work permit process. Would it be an officer concern about giving job offer to own family member??
  2. You can certainly try. We see a higher rate of refusals where the person being hired is a family member. So yes, this may be a concern for the visa officer.
  3. Would her being a nurse qualify as post secondary education related children?
  4. Sorry - I don't know.
  5. Thanks
  6. I have heard in the past of nurses being qualified as caregivers. I think you should try it.
  7. There was lots of fraud by when people hired their relatives under the live-in caregiver program so that is why many family members are refused. Yess a nursing degree should qualify her as a nanny.

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