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Nanny work permit for own sister

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by navdeep chahal, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Yes canuck, thanks. I know that if the employer is a relative, they are focused on helping the Employee to being a PR someday and not on the necessity of having a Nanny. I am fully aware of it, thank you. I still hope that an officer will approve.
  2. Good luck.
  3. Some families do actually need a nanny and hire someone else if the family member is not approved.
  4. Thank you Scylla.
  5. thank you canuck, you are absolutely right.
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    The IRCC will look at hiring a relative more closely, but people seem to forget that the CRA will also look upon the relationship with more scrutiny regarding insurable benefits, and EI deductions made for the employee by the employer aka the relative


    If your sponsorship/LMIA gets approved I encourage you as well to file a CPT 1 with the CRA. On occasion when an employer is related to the employee you have to see if the work they will be performing is insurable in the eyes of the CRA/ESDC.
    It is better to file the CPT 1, and get a ruling, versus any potential trust exams on the payroll account handled by the employer aka relative
    In other words, all work is not considered equal
    If it is not insurable, then they would not be eligible to claim any benefits under the EI scheme example, EI, Sickness, Maternity Leave

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  7. Send your WhatsApp number bro, will discuss all
  8. Hi,

    Do we have an update on this? Curious to see how it went

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