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how many of us were affected by the cancellation of the investor program?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by saga13mx, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Who said that I know full details of program? I don't. I've been in conference in Hong Kong and listened to Canada's officials speaking. That's it.

    Start a business for investors visa? you kidding right? Canada got start-up visa for this.

    New program will be different from terminated program, but not COMPLETELY. Most likely, potential investors will have to invest $3-$5M with venture capitalists or something similar to Australia's system. There'll be no guarantees, which means your money will be at risk. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Canada refuse to give PR for investors. Again, I expect something similar to Australia's investor program, which means Investors would be allowed to stay in the country for some time before they can apply for PR.

    and quit this starting a business for investors visa shit. There other ways Canada can make this program better for their economy.
  2. Liveclaim, I will ignore your posts from now since it seems you have some difficulty with reading and comprehending what was said. Stop insinuating **** from a simple post, and perhaps exercise some patience and politeness, would do you some good with basic comprehension too.
  3. Hi, I am in the process of opening a tech business here in Canada as a foreign entrepreneur and I saw this post saying you were interested in coming to Canada as investors. Maybe we can help each other by partnering up. If I manage to be approved to the start up visa I think I can also apply for a PR for other shareholders (you). What do you think? Is it a good idea?
  4. I've also heard that CIC have awarded 2 people with Startup visa. You can google it and find out. I still believe Quebec Investor is a good Program, but they keep making things difficult for u, with capping and termination.
  5. My investment application is terminated :mad:.how can I refund my application fees.plz help
  6. Hi Mann1,
    Its really sad that your application has been terminated.You will get a letter from your visa office and forms,and directions to get your fees back.
  7. Hardeep actually my consultant gets all my correspondents on his address.they already applied for refund.but dont know how much time will they taken.
  8. Mann1 ,I have heard that the refunding process may take enen six motnths depending on the visa office.

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