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how many of us were affected by the cancellation of the investor program?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by saga13mx, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Ok I would like to see if people affected by this law can comment on this tread, sadly i am one of those and now i'm contemplating an appeal but i'm not sure yet.

    any advice or comment would be appreciated.

    This is my application timeline:

    02/18/2011 submit application
    05/16/2011 acknowledgment letter
    01/27/2014 request of supporting documents advising of 120 days to submit them
    05/24/2014 documents submitted
    06/03/2014 request for medical advising that i had 60 days to submit them
    06/11/2014 medicals done but waiting 2 weeks to get results uploaded to embassy
    06/19/2014 phone call from embassy asking to submit medicals that same day before 4 pm or application will be rejected
    06/20/2014 medicals submitted (doctor office and radiologist were not helping and medicals were submitted the day after) since the law passed on the 19th the embassy told me that my application was terminated and that there was nothing else they could do and that my fees were going to be returned.

    The hardest part it was that they told me that my application was already approved as long as nothing was wrong in the doctor report (which i know everything is OK health wise) This has been a very difficult journey and i'm sure I'm not the only one, I hope the best for everybody especially the ones that had to go true all this process just to be rejected, not by our qualifications but for the termination of this program.

    I would like to ask people in a similar situation, are any of you going to appeal the cancellation??
  2. Since the program has been terminated - I doubt any appeal would help your case.
  3. Hi

    The termination has already been appealed, and lost see: http://decisions.fct-cf.gc.ca/fc-cf/decisions/en/item/72230/index.do
  4. thanks for the advice I also think that appeal would be useless and expensive.
  5. agreed
  6. Hi Saga,

    I am so sorry to hear about how your application was affected. I know two people in real life whose applicaiton got terminated, one person here, and with you being the second person. It is frustrating when we've done all in our power but someone else's misdoing ruins everything. I have talked about this termination extensively with family and friends who faced this predicament. I really do not advise appealing or suing, not only would it be costly, but the harsh reality is that the termination has become law, and very little can be done. Saga, don't give up, try another route, maybe the Quebec option? Wishing you the best in your future.
  7. Hi !
    My sister's family is in the same situation.They passed the interview on June 5, 2014. Medical requested on June11, 2014. Medical done on June 19, 2014. Doctor sent the reports on June 27, 2014. They applied through immigration consultant. They didn't receive any notification of termination yet. But all is clear. No hope.
    Did you call them or they contacted you about all this.

  8. We are ready to do appeal if at can solve our purpose.At least we can request them to extend the cut-off line for the applicants.They should at least consider the applicants whose medical is done.
  9. Noosh thanks for the kind words I will be looking for any other options.

    Hardeep it is really frustrating and hard to swallow what happened to us, I still haven't made up my mind completely if I want to appeal, the lawyer I found for that charges 250 dlls initial consultation (just to hear my case) and after that I have no clue how much he will charge
  10. Hi Saga,
    We are also planning to consult some lawyer for the appeal.Because Canada Govt. has indicated that they are going to double the amount for future investor ommigration visa.So if we reapply in that we have to deposit lot of money,so better to try for appeal and give money to lawyer.But if the lawyer tell us that there is very less hope then we will not appeal.But at least we should appeal or request for considering the applicant whose medical is done.We are from India...from which country you are?
    Hope for the best.Keep in touch for your further step towards this.
  11. Hi Hardeep,

    The federal investor program is foreever closed now, there won't be any doubling of investment (it was already done in the past), the program is scrapped completely. Unless you are referring to Quebec investor class, which is open but with max caps, so it will open next year.
  12. Thanks Noosh for giving me useful information but i have read somewhere that Canadian Govt. is going to introduce a new investor programme in few months where they will attract skilled businessmen and the investment amount will be doubled from now.That programme will be named as something like pilot project.Is it true?
  13. The replacement programs will not be an investor program like this one. It would be something similar and complementary to the start-up visa already in place (it does not require a personal investment). In short, they no longer want to "sell" PR at a price as with the investor program, instead they want more selective business applications and are aiming for skilled entrepreneurs/businessmen.

    For more information about the start-up program:
  14. You're wrong.

    New investor PILOT program is expected this fall.

    Under upcoming program, investors would have to lend for more than five years, at least double the cash they were made to pay under the old program.. also money will be managed under the immigration investor venture capital program. That means you're at risk of losing your investment.
  15. Liveclaim, do you know the full details of this new program? No, since the government has yet to announce it. Based on Chris Alexander's interviews, vague ideas about this new program have surfaced.

    If you read what I said carefully, they no longer will offer a simple investment program (like the past one) in return for PR, instead they want you to more actively contribute to the economy, that's the speculation of the new program as of now. I.e. you have to invest, start a business. It is completely different from the terminated program, hence I said, it won't be relaunched with an increased doubled investment, it is terminated for good.

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