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How long the application in queue takes?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by viarrais, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. How long it usually takes to get an answer when your application is in queue to be reviewed by an migration officer?
    What does that means?
    I applied for a Visitor Visa. Processing time is 17 days and it's taking over 23 days already. Sent them an e-mail and they answered that my application is in the queue. But does that means it's closer to get an answer?
  2. Do you have your eligibility started?
  3. On my online status it says "We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements"
  4. Which means your eligibility review has started. It can come anytime depending on where in queue your file is.
  5. It's in Sydney and they also said: Kindly note that processing times indicated are an estimate only and during peak periods (now) processing times may be lengthier than those advertised.

    But if it's in the queue that means it's very close to getting an answer or it still may take several weeks?
  6. I am not sure on that. I have applied in India. Here once eligibility starts, people gets decision within same day to more than a month.
  7. Same Answer I received from Abu Dhabi office, that my application is in queue to be reviewed by an officer, and my review of eligibility started 2 months back. I applied on 11June 2018 for a Job offer Work Permit and my review of eligibility started on 11 July. On 6th of August 2018 I received an e-mail from embassy after sending an inquiry that my file is in queue to be reviewed by an officer.
  8. You can expect a decision in probably in a week
  9. I have received same mail, on 6th of August and till now no reply. Is a queue stage takes this amount if time? Does this means still other processes like background checks not finalized?
    Appreciate your reply please
  10. What is your processing status for background checks?
  11. The background check status is:
    We are processing your background check, but that is from the day i linked my application online.
    My application is work permit.
    What do you kindly think the actual situation of my application?
  12. Your application is currently in the background checks stage. This could take a few weeks to a few months to complete. It's anyone's guess
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  13. Thanks for your reply, and hope I receive PPR soon.
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    Fingers crossed you do
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  15. Hello Bryanna
    Want your opinion l, I received my GCMS notes for my work permit It is mentioned eligibility review required without anything mentioned in the notes section, criminality passed and info sharing complete.
    So what do you think about tue statment review required in eligibility?
    Thanks for your kind help

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