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How long does it take CPP-O to stamp PR visas?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ronaldoyaronaldo, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Good day everyone

    Since Ottawa started issuing PR visas for provincial nominee applicants there hasn't been a clear timeline for issuing the visa. Called CIC the representative said "We don't know yet".

    If anyone sent his/er passport to Ottawa for PR visa, I'd value their feedback.

    Thanks and good luck to those waiting for that one email that separates them from their dream :)
  2. Interested in knowing the answer to this one!
  3. Average time is 30 days based on one of the members' estimates
  4. I sent my passport on Feb 5th. Still waiting...
  5. Good luck

    Keep us updated if you don't mind
  6. That is quick, hope others can share their experience too on this thread so that we have a fair idea on average turn around.

    Good luck to everyone!
  7. Hi ronaldoyaronaldo, seekerofpr,

    Have you received back your passport?

  8. Not yet
  9. Hey ronaldoyaronaldo! Congrats on getting PPR...which PNP you applied thro...did u get ur job situations resolved ..congrats again !!
  10. Thanks

    Nova Scotia PNP. I got everything resolved thank goodness. They worked with me. Love them
  11. Good stuff bro...Congrats again ..enjoy ur new life as PR now ..god bless you and hopefully we all see PPR soon !
  12. Thanks

    Good luck to you too. It's on its way don't worry
  13. My passport was received in CPP-O on 11th Feb. Still waiting...
  14. I'd really like to know the same thing, I'm waiting on the same sort of thing.
  15. Another person here curious about how long it take to stamp pr visa after ppr!!
    Thank you for creating this post!!

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