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Housing - Recommendations are appreciated!

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Rocky127, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Canada has Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten. Both are full day in many schools (but not all). Junior typically starts at 4-5 years old. They are free provided you attend a public rather than private school.
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  2. When your wife returns to work I would start looking at daycare options 6+ months in advance. I would actually recommend a year in Toronto. Average daycare costs are $1200-1800/month depending where you live and where you get a spot. Downtown is the most expensive. Less expensive at a home daycare. Just warning you because people tend to be surprised when they find out.
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  3. Ok, Just for clarification, since my son is going to Pre K (Next is Kindergarten here), he can get admission to nearby public school with out any issues or they might deny him admission

    In US, they would take any kid who has moved to the neighborhood & was studying somewhere else
  4. Yup, we will do that cost analysis.
    I paid around $ 220 a week for him until last month when he didn't started school
  5. Based on his age - he should be entering either Junior or Senior K now. My nephew turned 5 in May and just started full day Senior (he was in full day Junior last year).

    He shouldn't have any issues being admitted to a school. However hopefully you're aware that you can't just pick any school - the schools he can attend will be determined by where you live.
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  7. Port credit is a good neighbourhood, but I would suggest Churchill meadows, Go station is 5 to 8 mins commute from there you park your car at the station and the train takes 40 mins to reach downtown. Also Churchill meadow schools are good

    Churchill meadows is a newer area and you can find a twin house with 2 bedrooms for $1850
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  8. Port Credit is one of the best places you will find in Mississauga. Closer to lakeshore and parks, three stops until Union station. Mineola neighborhood is renowned for great schools. Less crowded and better students to teachers ratio.
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