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Housing - Recommendations are appreciated!

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Rocky127, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Hello all,

    We are relocating from US in few months and I would be working in downtown Toronto( looking for a 2 BR house/condo).

    My son goes to Pre K in US and one of my main goal is to find a decent neighborhood with good schools

    My question is what would be the best location considering two aspects :

    1. Not looking for commute over 30-40 mins ( one way) for me
    2. Walk able distance to school as I am not sure if they have bus service for Pre K

    My budget is close to 2000$ a month.

    Would appreciate recommendations who know the area and some specific apartments we can find.

    Thank you very much.
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  2. $2K will limit your options if you're working right downtown (i.e. in the financial district) and want to be around 30 min away. You'll probably have to sacrifice something - quality or distance or school proximity. I would recommend you start by looking at the following website to see what 2K and below will get you. https://www.realtor.ca/ Type in "C01" in the where are you looking field.
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    @scylla I live closeby:) Not sure I would go with a basement myself. I would look at some of the older apartment building so you get a decent size second bedroom. I would suggest looking at http://www.viewit.ca/ . Realtor.ca tens to only have higher end rentals. Also craigslist and kijiji. You can also look up the school rankings. The difference between a good and not great school is not a huge difference like in the US.
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  5. Thank you for your replies.......I am told by someone else about Mississauga , he recommended I should look for something closer to Port Credit Go station and train takes around 30mins to Union station ( my office is 5mins walk from there)

    Do you think Port credit area is a nice neighborhood ?

    Also, I can extend my budget but won't settle for basement as I have 2 kids.

    Thanks again
  6. Hi neighbour. :) I'm with you on the basement apartments - but they're definitely cheaper. I lived in one last year for 7 months while we were doing a full reno on our house. Glad that's over!
  7. I am a downtowner and can't comment on Port Credit - although I hear it's quite nice. I will say that's definitely not a 30-40 minute commute. By the time you drive to the GO then wait for the train, then take the train, then walk to your office (plus factor in late trains, traffic getting out of the GO train parking lot, etc.) - I would put this at an hour on good days - a lot more on bad.
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  8. Thanks Scylla, If i stay in downtown ( whatever is the rent) , do we nice schools which are walkable ?

    And , how about car parking, we have 2 cars....do we have to pay high parking charges or it can be reasonable?
  9. You really have to figure out whether you want a house or an apartment. Two cars in the city is tough but you just have to pay for more parking. Do you need 2 or 3 bedrooms? 1 or 2 bathrooms? Your budget will also limit you. Will not be able to rent a 3 bedroom house for $2000 within 30-40 minute commute of downtown. With Port Credit you will have to factor in driving to the GO station, paying for parking (I think) and paying for the GO everyday.
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  10. Thanks for your help Canuck78
    I am looking at Go train map and trying to find a place with nearby station.
    I agree train ride of 30mins + walk and parking will total to an hour but overall worth for a good neighborhood
  11. The further you go out the more affordable in general. There are some nice pedestrian neighbourhoods in Toronto but $2000 would be pushing it for a good 2 bedroom apartment with a short commute. No houses for that price. I sense that you are looking for more like a townhouse not an apartment and something a bit more updated than you might find downtown in your price range.

    Not sure about the age of your kids but you may need to consider childcare options if it takes you at least 1 hour to get home everyday. Also factor in the cost of GO in your budget.
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  12. I agree with all of this. You're going to need accept some trade-offs. Either a longer commute (i.e. over an hour each way) - or maybe deal with street parking for the two cars (i.e. no fixed place to park and need for a parking permit) - or increase your budget to $2,500 or more - or not be walking distance from pre-school. A few things on your wish list are going to have to give. Rentals are in high demand.

    Pre school is not cheap and spots are hard to find. Hopefully you've kicked off that process already.
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  13. How old is your children because if they are under 4 you need to factor in significant cost for daycare. You'll also need a spot! Either way you will probably need care before and after school which also isn't cheap if you are commuting to downtown.
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  14. For the neighbourhood I'm in...

    - You'd get what you're looking for probably in the $2,600-$3K range with likely one parking spot (street parking with a permit you have to pay extra for for your second car). Note that I don't rent. So this is my best estimation based on the ads I see.
    - Good schools/pre-schools within blocks (walking distance).
    - 20-25 minutes to the financial district via foot & then subway. (We don't even own a car.)
    - Great/active community with tons of kids. (If you need to borrow a saw for an hour just post to the community facebook page and someone will probably help you out.)
    - Bloor Street 1-4 block away so walking distance to many restaurants, bars, shopping, etc.

    We are never moving.
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  15. My son is 5 years old and goes to Pre K. ( started last month only) . He was going to day care before that

    I thought Pre K would be free and haven't thought about issues in transfer as I expected, he will get a spot as he is already in school.

    Looks like now we have to find a house where in my son gets admission to Pre K in nearby school
    (FYI - My 2nd child is 10 months old and we don't need day care for an year or so as my wife is not working)

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