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Holding two visas (a visitor visa and an immigration visa) at the same time

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by RussS, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Hello!
    I have two valid Canadian visas in my passport: a multiple-entry visitor visa and a single-entry immigration visa that I have just received through Express Entry. I have also found a job in Canada that will start in January 2020, which is when I am planning to do the landing as a permanent resident. In preparation for my relocation, the new employer has offered to fund a short (1 week) house hunting trip to Canada this month so that I could find an apartment for January. Because I will need to return to my home country after this short trip to finish my current job, I would like to know if I will be allowed to use the visitor visa to travel to Canada for a week this month. Does anyone know if a person with two valid visas -- a visitor visa and an immigration visa -- may choose which visa type to use when entering Canada? Or I will be required to use the immigration visa and do the landing when I go to Canada this month, even though the purpose of this trip will be a short visit rather than immigration?
    Thank you for your advice!
  2. As soon as your Immigration visa was issued, your visitor visa became invalid. You must use your Immigration visa to enter Canada.
  3. Yes, that's right your single
    entry visitor visa will not be effective anymore and yes, you will be travelling with your immigration visa.

    good luck!
  4. Thank you very much for your advice! This is very helpful.
  5. Thank you for your helpful response! I greatly appreciate it.
  6. Wrong.
    TRV remains valid until you complete the landing formalities.
    One can choose to enter Canada as a temporary resident as long as the TRV is valid, even if there's also a valid immigration visa in the passport
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  7. You can still use your visitor visa as long as it's valid.
    Upon your arrival, make it clear to CBSA officer that you wish to enter as a temporary visitor and that you'll come back to land at a later time.
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  8. Thank you very much for your response! I seem to be getting contradicting feedback from different members of this community. Is there any document/official info from IRCC that spells out the rules regarding the use of two visas?
  9. You have two options.
    1. When you go for the short trip, you can use the Visitor Visa only and not complete PR landing formalities. That way, your IM-1 Visa will not be canceled and you can use it next time when you actually permanently move.

    2. If you complete landing formalities during the short trip, then the Visitor visa in your passport will not be canceled. But it is possible that the Visa will be canceled in IRCC systems. You may still be able to use the Visitor Visa only for showing to the airline. Once you reach CBSA, you can show them your COPR and Passport and they can let you enter as a PR. Visa is only needed for showing to the airline.
    In this case you can also apply for a PRTD in your home country, but that might take some time to process.
    You can also give a friend or relative's address for PR car when you land the first time, and then they can forward your PR card to you in your home country. If there is sufficient window between the two trips, you will have PR card in hand and Visa will be irrelevant.
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  10. Thank you very much for responding to my inquiry! Do you by any chance know where I can find official information/documentation stating that a person holding two visas (one of them being IM-1) can choose which one to use when traveling to Canada? Some people who responded to my post said that IM-1 invalidates the visitor visa, while others like you state that both visas are valid and I should be able to use the visitor visa for my short trip. Option 1 in your response would be ideal for my situation, but I want to make sure that IRCC does in fact allow it. I wasn't able to find any official information about holding two visas on the IRCC website, unfortunately. Thanks again!
  11. 2. In theory, CBSA should strike out/physically void all Canadian visas in the passport of a newly landed PR.
    They do however forget. The visas are still void, even if they are untouched. Attempting to use them is actually fraud.
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  12. Until you land your TRVs remain in place. Are you from a visa exempt country?
  13. Thank you for your response! No, I am not from a visa-exempt country.
  14. Worth asking. Your choice what to do. You can land when you look for a place and either get someone to courier you a PR card or apply for a PRTD. Some countries seem to take longer to give out Next option is to land on your second visit. Where are you looking for a home? Rental or purchase? If rental, most of Canada’s rentals operate on a 2 month notice system so you should look around 45-55 days before the 1st of the month of the month you are relocating. My strategy is always to put a rental up right before the first full weekend after tenants have given their notice tenants. Watch out for rental scams especially in cities where there is a very low vacancy rates.
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  15. Thank you very much for your advice! I greatly appreciate it!

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