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Help!! How can I contract to Manila office?


May 6, 2019
Hi, please let me know if you have any idea how to contact to the Canadian embassy in Manila especially by FAX.

First, I’ll explain my situation.
I applied PR under the caregiver class inside Canada. It was already approved, but while I was waiting for my landing interview, I had a family emergency and had to come back to Japan. CIC emailed me that Manila office will send me COPR and visa to my address in Japan. Also my documents will be expired on August 31. I have been waiting for the documents more than 3 months. I started worried because I didn’t expect it would take that long because a CIC person in Canada told me it is easy process. Plus my landing documents are going to expired in a few months!

I sent emails and enquiries to the Manila office but no answer more than 4 weeks. I called the office but just I could hear an automated announcement, no chance to talk to a real person... it makes me more nervous!

I called CIC in Cadnada and she said my paper should not take that much time. But she has no idea how the Manila office is going and what is happening to my documents at all.. she adviced me to send sone messages to the Manila office more and let them know I’m just waiting for the documents being sent.

Some people in this forum mentioned that they sent fax to the Manila office and it worked. I’m trying to do that but I keep failing. I’m calling to (63-2) 843-1082. Is this wrong fax number? From Japan I dial 010-63-2-843-1082 but failing at home and at a convinience store too.

If you have any idea how long it will take to get COPR from Manila or how to contact them, please give me some advice! My flight is in a month. I hope I can get the pepper by then!!