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Having PR from both Canada and Australia

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by aydogan, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. I would aim for one country unless a job opportunity comes up. Once you adjust to one country you will have to move.

    The weather isn't great in Toronto from December to March but it can be sunny and cold. The weather is very reasonable compared to other cities in Canada. In terms of sponsoring parents it will take more than 3 years because taxable income from previous years is used and it is also a lottery. Just wanted to make sure you were aware that sponsoring parents doesn't have an exact time frame.
  2. Nooo this won't work! During citizenship interview they might ask you to give up any other permanent residency that you have. If you go through this forum, you'll notice that people were asked to give up US green cards during their citizenship process. By having permanent residency of another country, you're making it pretty obvious that your goal is to get Canadian citizenship for convenience without true intent to reside in Canada. They hate that!!!

    Another angle for that would be that it is not easy moving families just like that. You'll probably learn this when you make a move to one of the country. It's really hard to start everything from scratch.. leaving established job and trying for new one freshly, taking kids out of school and putting in completely different system, adjusting to new rules, selling house, leaving friends circle.. it'll be real pain to do all of that!
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  3. Super visa just requires one year of income. That's an excellent option while waiting for PR sponsorship. I presume visitor visa too is much easier to obtain to obtain for Canada.. at least people from India get ten years multiple entry visa due to the agreement that India has with Canada. Whereas to Australia, I believe every visit needs an application. No super visa equivalent too.
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  4. Come across this in Quora.. not sure how serious is water problem there. I'd prefer snow any day than living with fear of water scarcity.

    Given the current population trends, which country will reach overpopulation first, Australia or Canada?
    Canada has an abundance of something that Australia does not have, and that is virtually unlimited fresh water. While both have large more or less uninhabited areas, most of those areas in Australia are semi-arid or arid.

    We can survive in extreme weather conditions but to exist, we must have water. Australian water supplies are already under severe stress at least partly because of the rapid increase in population . Water restrictions are common. Canada will always be able to support a far greater population than Australia ever will.

    Australia is already overpopulated because we have too few resources being distributed between too many people.
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  5. Ah, thank you for this info. Eventhough I was just joking about getting 2 citizenships, it's good to know that's not possible to remain your PR status from any other country when you apply for citizenship.
    You've been really helpful DEEPCUR, I really appreciate it. :)
  6. I know CBSA and CBP might raise issues during frequent USA-Canada border crossing for holders of Canadian PR and USA GC holders but considering that both USA and Canada recognize dual-citizenship, I find it hard to believe that CIC will ask Canadian PR holders to surrender US green cards.
  7. I believe this is a problem only if you have green card at the time of citizenship interview. Nobody cares if you get one after oath.
  8. Green cards require you to declare intent to reside in the United States, which would contradict your intent to reside in Canada after being granted citizenship. This would be an issue if you had to declare intent to reside such as under Bill C-24.

    However, this intent to reside clause has been removed from citizenship application after C-6 (though who knows what would happen to the requirements 4 years from now), so i don't believe they would care too much about the fact that OP too would be an Australian PR (provided he can prove all his days in Canada and meets all of the other requirements).

    Besides, I'm not aware of such intent to reside requirement of Australian PR (they do have one for Australian citizenship, but not PR), though I might be mistaken.
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  9. So what I was going through a different forum on this topic..so they may not ask one to give up green card directly as there is no such law for that. They might issue RQ if they see that if the person is GC holder at the time of applying citizenship. This will delay the process by one year from the usual time. If the person still has GC during interview, they will refer him to immigration judge. Seeing the judge can take 3-4 years. Or if they got GC after applying for citizenship, they may issue RQ during interview.

    And one is required to meet PR RO even when the citizenship application is in process which is not possible if they move to another country thereby effectively screwing the prospects of keeping another country's permanent residence alive.

    No matter it is C6 or C24, there are many complaints on Canadian citizenship being misused as citizenship of convenience without true intentions to reside for many. CIC will definitely have ways to prolong citizenship process for several years under any kind of law.

    Honestly, I really don't see any point in fighting with CIC just for Australian PR!! It's not that worth. The fight is really worth if it's for green card!!
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  10. So did you make a decision?!
  11. Couldn't decide yet :(
    It is very tough to decide.
  12. I'm not sure if this info is recent, that was the case in older times. Citizenship applications with RQ are now still processed within the average timeline posted on CIC website.
  13. I don't have much idea about the citizenship process as I haven't been there.. but having another immigrant or dual intent visa (like h1b) will definitely delay the process for anyone.
  14. I am in your same position bro! AU and CA PR and one kid 4 years, living on H1b in America!
  15. Please let us once you moved and how do you feel about it

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