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H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by TheWaitingGamer, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. I cannot even imagine the stress, the feeling of helplessness and the hardships that you and your mom have gone through. Only someone as brave and optimistic as you could have endured all this.

    I believe everything happens for a reason. You went through a long stressful wait for your mom's super visa. And, then she was approved. She is lucky to be with you now when she is going through the treatment for cancer i.e. when she needs your support the most. It would have been so so difficult if your mom was alone in her home country at this time.

    Don't lose hope even when the situation seems terribly challenging. Do remember there's always light at the end of the tunnel.... no matter how long and dark the tunnel is.

    My prayers and very best wishes are with you and your mom :)
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  2. I am just pointing out that you and your mother are relatively young and you were aware of her living situation when you immigrated. I feel like many use H&C when they don't get selected for PGP. It is not me to decide though. Wish you the best. If your mother only needed surgery, radiation and tamoxifen she was very lucky and had stage 1 or 2 cancer which has an excellent prognosis. Best of luck.
  3. Dear thank you for your encouragement, it really hurts when someone point on you why you wouldn’t qualify for h&c, Canada is country for humanity, perhaps there are a lot of people who went through more difficulties in their life . But for me I endured so much difficulties since I arrived in Canada , lot of ups and down . I was offered so many times through social workers and police , if I want my mom to be with me or not during my hardship , I was very young and couldn’t take decision , I thought I need to show money if I want to Bring her here that’s why I said no to them , it took a while for me to come back in normal life . Since I started feeling better I worked hard to get my mom here , i fullfilled all the necessary requirements then I applied for her to come here , you remember bryanna it took a lot of time of time than regular to get her visa , upon her arrival my life changed I was started to think about good side of life , prepared for go back to school, My country’s situation is horrible so our home was taken by someone after mom arrived here , I couldn’t do nothing Also I need a surgery for my self as doctor decided to perfrom
    this long time ago. after the surgery I can’t even work I need complete bed rest for couple of months , while I was preparing for my surgery in this year mom diagnosed with this condition. My bad luck , I don’t get anything easily so now I am facing new difficulties again but I didn’t loose hope , I am fighting . I remember you helped me a lot about questions during the time of my mom’s supervisa application :)
  4. Hello
    Did you get any new about your application since you done required documents such as medical and background check.
  5. Hello Dear,

    No unfortunatly, no news in my side since middle of june when IO ask for my passport biographic pages.
    Actualy my background check still going on, only criminality is completed. Security screening still in process by CSIS (got a gcms notes from them few weeks ago).

    So I don't expect any news on near futur, I know how slow they can be at this stage.

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