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H&C grounds for receiving PRTD

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by JAMIL99, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Hey everybody. I am in a big confusion atm. So, me, my mom landed in Canada in 2002 and got our first PR card in 2003. We fulfilled the RO and got our PR card renewed in 2008 and we left Canada to live elsewhere. Now our second PR card expired in 2013 and we unfortunately did not fulfill our RO. Now we want to go back to Canada with a PRTD on the basis on H&C grounds. My brother is already a Canadian citizen
    Masha Allah as he did not return back with us in 2008 as he was studying there. We want to return back as I want to pursue University there as a domestic student. Do you think I will be granted the PRTD and will I be able to get PR card there? My H&C reasons are we needed to return back as my dad was living in a different country and could not afford the expenses of 2 different places as my mom was not working. Now it is possible as my brother and my dad are both working thus the expenses will be shared. Please someone advise me as I need to start applying for universities soon. Thank you.
  2. I would say that is definitely NOT a H&C reason. This is a personal choice that was made. H&C reasons are reserved for situations beyond ones control (being forced out of Canada as a minor, involving a serious medical condition, etc).

    Unfortunately the most likely scenario here is that your PRTD would be rejected and would start process to revoke your PR status.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Okay if I use the reason that I was forced out of Canada as I was a minor and had to go with my mom, can I still apply for a PRTD for my mom too? Will that be accepted?
  4. Being removed from Canada as a minor will only work for H&C reasons if you are attempting to return to Canada immediately after reaching age of majority (age 18-20 or so). If you are any older, it won't work.

    Also this excuse could not be used for a parent, only for the minor.
  5. Yeah I'm 17 currently and will turn 18 in march In Sha Allah. I want to go there around august-September for university In Sha Allah. Do you know how long a typical application on the grounds of H&C will take place? And how long it takes to sponsor a parent if my brother sponsors my mom.
  6. Not sure about timing of PRTD on H&C grounds.

    Your brother will need to have 3 years of Canadian income meeting the LICO amount for his family size, in order to sponsor your mom if she loses her PR status. Once he qualifies to sponsor her and gets an application successfully submitted into the 10,000 cap per year, it will take several more years for the processing of the app.
  7. Okay thank you for your replies.

    I have 2 questions:
    1. Do you think I should apply after I turn 18 in march or its fine to apply now while i'm still 17?
    2. Do you know how long a TD is valid for? Perhaps I do either Year 13 or first year uni at my current location and take a transfer and then join uni in Canada at age 19 in 2018 In Sha Allah, then will my TD still be applicable?
  8. 1) You can apply when you're 17.
    2) Typically six months.
  9. Alright thanks. Would it matter if I apply at the age of 19 instead of 18 for a TD to Toronto In Sha Allah. The H&C grounds would still apply yeah In Sha Allah
  10. Yes it would matter, given the information you have provided. If you really wish to return to Canada & live there, apply ASAP, & be prepared to return, stay & fulfill PR requirements & obligations once there, if you are lucky enough to succeed.

    Your mother's situation is entirely different.
  11. The reason why I want to wait till I'm 19 is because currently I'm enrolled in my As-levels which is the first year of A-levels i.e. year 12, Alhumdulillah. Now I did some research into Canadian universities and they require complete A-levels which would require me to do year 13 as well In Sha Allah. By the time I'm done with A-levels I will be 19. So on this basis can I apply for a TD when I'm 19 with the same H&C grounds In Sha Allah
  12. You can certainly wait. However your chances of approval when you're 17 are higher than once you're 19. Ultimately your choice.
  13. Hlo
    hlo m in same situation.i m 18 now.i applied for PRTD on 10oct 2018 then i was 17years old.on 4dec i turned to 18.i was removed from canada as a minor in 2008 as my parents forced me to accompany them to india.i want to study in canada and for this i cleared IELTS exam and scored 7band .now i m waiting for PRTD.is there are chances of approval of PRTD?
  14. You should be approved.
  15. approximately how long it take to process?any idea?

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