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GUYZ from Pakistan Help me...about Flight to Canada

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Adnan Faisal, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. hello brothers i will fly to Canada Insha Allah in late august 2012.please guide me which airlines do operate from Islamabad or Peshawar to Toronto..
    please let me know i will be highly thankful to you..
  2. Emirates- Peshawar-Dubai-Toronto
    Gulf Air- Peshawar-Doha-Heathrow-Toronto
    Etihad- Islamabad-Abu dhabi-Toronto
    PIA- Islamabad-Toronto

    Qatar, Turkish air etc also operate.
  3. how can v book for that and i want to fly from peshawar preferably..can u plz help me out in dat.
  4. You should meet different travel agents in Peshawar they will give you the prices and different routes. Consult as many agents as you can, they give you prices within 5 minitues.

    Go to deans trade center you will find a lot of Travel agents there.

  5. thanx too much for your cooperation.so nice of you
  6. Go through emirates, good service plus you will get an experience of an Airbus A-380 ;)
  7. buht buht mubarik ho bhai jan...........you got visa ALLAH bless u with candian visa...........please tell in which course do you apply and after how many dayz you got your medical or visa
  8. Guys, I am planning to travel through Oman Air, so it is basically KHI to MUSCAT then a layover in Europe ( Frankfurt or Heath-row), do I need transit visa for UK or Germany?
  9. No, In my knowledge you don't need a transit visa if your layover is less than 24 hours within the same date and you stay at transit area of airport.
  10. You only need a transit visa if you cross through border control of that country to go outside of airport transit area.
  11. Have you already traveled? Did you need a transit visa for Frankfurt or London?
  12. I travelled through Frankfurt, no visa needed.
  13. Thank you for your reply. Just one last question, I assume you had your CoPR and not the permanent residence card when you made this travel. I am going to travel for my landing and have the same route OMAN air through Frankfurt. I am emailing the embassy but they say a transit visa is required.
  14. You’re welcome. Yes, it was my first landing. Make sure you do not waste time at airport and get going to to next flight. You need to get boarding pass from AC at Frankfurt.
  15. Has embassy specified that you need a visa? What’s your layover time?

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