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Guides coming to Canada with guests and working

Mike barter

Apr 6, 2013
I work as a alpine guide teaching climbing and taking people on mountaineering trips. Because I have to work in a national park I am forced to be a member of the association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). The ACMG is a member of a international association based mainly out of Europe. The ACMG has a number of permits for the various mountain parks which the membership subscribes to and they pay into insurance policy
Which is required by parks Canada.
Here is where it gets tricky! I am just a alpine guide and not a ski guide so I have No vote in constitutional issues related to the association. I also cannot take advantage of the reciprocal work in Europe or other member countries. The ACMG however a allows foreign guides to use the permits held by the membership and provides insurance at a reduced rate. Allowing for the week or two the are in the country running trips in the mountain parks. These are European and American guides mainly who fly in with their guests run their trip and leave. However I feel this effects my business and is unfair competition. I am forced to be a member of the ACMG by Parks. It is my understanding that this is illegal Ian I correct of not in thinking this?