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Guide to importing car from Detroit to Windsor

Discussion in 'H-1B Holders in the U.S.' started by _neil, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Ok, thanks for your input. So I'm guessing I can't trade it in if I haven't imported it officially into Canada.
  2. I will check with them in a few weeks, but I'd like to get another car altogether that's suitable for my commute (daily border crossing) in winter weather.
  3. Hi, I'm moving to Canada on a weekend (Detroit-Windsor) and assuming I can't export a car on the weekend (is this correct?), is it possible to quickly bring it to the U.S. from Canada on a weekday just for exporting? Is there a rule that that car has to be in the U.S. at least for 72 hours?
    Anyone did something similar?
  4. 1. No. You can import any day as long as border is open for crossing. Check with them their comfortable time frame in a day to avoid much delays. Many borders are 24/7 and they allow 24/7 on importing/exporting. Its one of their daily business. Trucks cross every day including weekends.
    2. I am not sure you can do it as they ask us to wait for 72 hours after we submitting the request. I am not sure if you can just do only export (as there will be unnecessary questions at the return border within US as we are not allowed without going through the border booth official).
    3. Yes, as per the process instructions, we clearly get the email on asking us to wait after informing cbp on export - "Email sent to CBP with VIN number and ITN number 72 hours in advance".
  5. Thank you! I just called Ambassador bridge CBP office and they are open 24/7, so looks like I can export the car on weekends too, so I will just do that instead of returning on a weekday. I should still call the CBSA office to see if they will also be open to import. How does the 72 hours work exactly - If I send the email Tuesday at 9 AM, then will I be able to export on Friday at 9AM or later?
  6. If you are talking about ambassador bridge then you are good to go anytime. both sides are open all the time as i too enquired on both the sides when i took the car on the same bridge.
    72 hours: Yes i think so, as they dont mention in days. Usually they dont look at strictly when we go there but on paper lets follow to avoid any issues. All they want to make sure is that they can start checking our VIN is not a stolen one.
  7. Hello everybody. l need your advice. I received my PR couple weeks ago, l live in michigan 40 minutes away from windsor and l have a good job in the U.S. I am thinking about moving to windsor and going to work in michigan (pontiac) but l m not sure about the commute ( crossing the border everyday) Is this doable? By way l am still on H1B ( green card in process, interview next month).

    thanks in advance
  8. I live in Windsor downtown and work in Warren, MI on H1B. My commute is about 30 minutes taking the tunnel as there's usually no traffic when I leave the house around 6.20 am each morning. I cross back and forth on weekends as well with no issues. Having said that, I think it would be difficult for you to maintain both PRs in my opinion. Both countries have a residency obligation that you must fulfill. If you're almost getting your US green card, would it be better to just wait on that? Maybe weigh the pro's and cons and see which country works best for you? Just my opinion.
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  9. Thank you for the inputs, you are right about the difficulty of keeping both PRs. I am still wondering :) ! The major reason l want to keep the canadian PR is to be able to invite my mom to visit canada.
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  10. haha ok, I guess you could, but I don't think getting a Canadian visitor visa is hard.
  11. Its open on weekend also. check the hours. Also car needs to be in the US for 72 hours before exporting. So better to do the export before moving to canada
  12. Thank you for this detailed information on importing the car. I guess the B4 form is now called as BSF186. While landing, did you mention the VIN number of the car under the "Conveyances" table in the Goods to follow B4 form?

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