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Got married before applying for PR

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by sixty-seven, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Hey guys! I'm planning to apply for PR through Federal Skilled program. But I recently got married and not sure if I'm eligible to add my spouse to my PR application due to such short length of marriage . I'm on work permit and she is on tourist visa now, but we've been dating, living and working together for almost 2 years. I passed my medical and about a month after we got married. I'm afraid that this would look like a marriage of convenience to CIC.

    I would appreciate your help. Thanks!
  2. It won't look like a marriage of convenience, but your failure to disclose having a common-law partner (now spouse) would prevent you from ever sponsoring your spouse. You should include your spouse in your application.
  3. I aggree with MiriamT

    You are now officially married so the fact is that you have to mention or update your marital status (i.e married) in your Pr application and you have to provide the details of your wife in your application. so length of marriage has nothing todo with your eligibility to add your spouse. in other words you have no choice/option to skip her from your PR application. if you choose not to mention her or not to update your application you may face serious problems such as a Ban to enter into canada, loosing PR, rejection of application etc. besides this you may never be able to even sponsor her.

    No matter you choose to add your wife as accompanying dependent or non-accompanying dependent still she has to undergo all the process (eligibility, background check, security etc) and your application will take the same amount of time which ever option you choose...( then logically why not to add her as accompanying dependent).

    In case you add her in your application as accompanying dependent you will save a lot of time and you both will get Pr status at the same time. no hassle to be in sponsorship process and to fulfill extra sponsorship requirements plus additional long long processing time (2-3 years)to make her live with you permanently.

    As your PR application is still in process you must add your spouse in your application as soon as possible. adding your spouse may or may not delay your processing but most likely it wont be noticeable or a huge delay if you provide all her documents in advance. the documents can be
    1) her medical exam (upfront medical)
    2) her identity documents (passport, national id, birth certificate etc)
    3) your marriage certificate
    4) required CIC forms ( family form, schedule A etc etc which ever are required by CIC in your immigration category)
    5) her processing fee
    6) any other documents which are generally required by cic for a spouse ( e.g police certificate, educational documents, job documents etc etc which ever applies to your wife)

    Generally the time wasted during an application is when cic request a document so providing documents in advance which are generally necessary/mandatory can/may help you prevent any extra processing time.

    Marriage of convenience: you must not worry or be afraid if your marriage is really genuine. your spouse will be living with you during the application process and in case if cic doubt your marriage they will give you chance to justify your stance before rejecting your application which can be an interview or proof of genuine relationship. So nothing to worry about a genuine marriage is easy to prove if it is really a genuine relationship. there are many on this forum who got married during their PR application process and got their PR smoothly. Nothing to worry about most likely your marriage wont look like a marriage of convenience.

    i hope this helps and best of luck with your new life and PR application.
  4. Regardless of what immigration may or may not think, you must include your spouse on your PR application. Your spouse also needs to pass medicals and background checks. If you don't include your spouse and get a PR visa based on being single and land as a PR with that visa, immigration will consider that to be misrepresentation and you risk losing your PR for that as well as even if you don't, not having declared your wife would bar you from ever sponsoring her for PR.
  5. Thank you very much, guys
  6. Hi, I know that lots of time has passed but I like your answer and would like to ask a few questions if that's okay with you.

    1- I currently live in Canada (student visa) and will graduate next year. I am planning to get married in my home country in December and applying for PR with my wife in January. The duration between marriage and applying for PR is a little bit short I know that is why they might think it is suspicious.

    2- Our score together (CRS calculator- express entry) is 478 which is a good score. Will they suspect that our marriage is not genuine bcz of the short duration?

    3- Can we submit the application in January, and I return to Canada and she stays in Lebanon or should we live together until the decision of the application is confirmed?

    Thank you so much
  7. Yes as long as you have a lot of proof of your marriage or relationship. Have you been dating and have pictures together or is this an arranged marriage? Did you get engaged? Are you having a traditional ceremony that would be expected especially if this is an arranged marriage? Is the wedding a normal size for your culture/religion? She is unlikely to be able to return with after your marriage unless she is able to secure a TRV.
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  8. We have a lot of pictures and I saved the whatsapp chat. We didn't get engaged and no its definitely not an arranged marriage. We love each other. The wedding will be a small one since both of us can't afford to pay 20k for a wedding. We want to apply together for PR since when we apply together we can get the PR together at the same time and together we have higher CRS points
  9. Is an engagement typical in your religion/culture. Have you actually been dating or just have pictures wirh othet friends? How long have you been in Canada? Have you visited each other during that time?
  10. We’ve been dating for 15 months. I came to my home country in May 2018, we started dating mid of May till start of september 2018 where i had to return to canada to continue my studies. We did a long distance and it was working perfectly. I returned back to see her in dec 2018 till mid january 2019. I then left to canada to continue my studies. Then i came back in may 2019 and visited her till june 2019 and now we decided to get married bcz we both are sick of long distance and we prefer to live together. She has an amazinf work experience with a masters degree and good ielts score. We’re hoping to get married in december and apply for pr in January. But we’re afraid that cic might think its an arranged marriage bcz we’ve only been dating for 15-16 months
  11. The lack of engagement may create some concerns but at least you had 3-4 month period where you were dating in the same city. If you were allowed to date and go out and do things together it wouldn’t look like an arranged marriage before. Would include an explanation as to why you didn’t get engaged and why you are having a small wedding.
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