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Discussion in 'International Students' started by Ujjwalsethi, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Hi
    I transferred a sum of $10,200 CAD from my SBI account to GIC account on 5th July 2019 and It's been 11 days now. The amount hasn't been deducted from my account yet and i've called scotia bank multiple times but they are unable to track my payment :( . what shall i do? im super worried
  2. Ask your bank
    What are you doing?
    The amount is deducted on the same day from your account and it takes 2 working days after deduction for Scotia bank to receive the amount
    Scotia cannot do anything
    Contact your bank for the swift copy
  3. Yes
    Yes ,tell your bank to give your the transaction receipt, then you can also coordinate with the Scotiabank. Ok
  4. Hi..As per my suggestion transfer your money to some other privatized bank in which u have account and send the GIC money.
    I was having the same situation and my transactions were rejected by the SBI Bank 2 times and finally I sent my money from a privatized bank and the money was deducted on the same day.
    Hope it helps u...All the best.
  5. Hi guys thankyou for your suggestions. I visited my sbi home branch and they checked the status of my payment. It was rejected. I was waiting for 11 days like a fool for nothing! Now I'm going to show my funds in my bank as getting a GIC done is a pain.
  6. Chose ICICI HDFC or axis bank.. private banks do process carefully.. majority of students opt for ICICI Bank India for gic.
    If u have time open account with ICICI Bank Canada and transfer funds from ICICI bank bank .
    Open account in 1 day with ICICI bank India.
    I did the same.
  7. Consult someone
    Gic is important
  8. Since there is no intermediary bank between ICICI Bank Canada and ICICI Bank India, u can have gic in 4 -5 days
  9. Hi rupinder.
    Can we talk over mail or Whatsapp if u don't mind?
  10. srupinder2050@gmail.com

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