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get PR before leaving quebec

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Aminer, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I am planning to apply for express entry with the work experience that I gained in Quebec, and I am providing an intention to leave quebec due to the difficulties that quebec is providing me, and also I have some relatives in Ontario. Also, I am applying to jobs in Toronto and I can provide them as the proofs too.
    But, I prefer to leave Quebec after getting PR due to the personal issues, and at the time I'm going to leave quebec I'm not going to have any job.
    Do you think I can receive my PR before leaving quebec or they wait till I actually move to another province.
  2. It depends on whether the officer believes your proofs are strong enough to show you will live outside Quebec. Generally, you need to show more solid proofs, such as a lease agreement, job acceptance, a house purchase, spouse/kids already living outside etc.
  3. I can provide a lease agreement.
  4. Make sure it is an arm's length lease, i.e. not a fake lease with a family member.
  5. No, It will be only me or with a friend. As I'm planning to apply in fall, I'll be providing a lease starting in winter
  6. You can try. If the officer is not satisfied, you may have no option but to move out of Quebec and show proof of that.
  7. If my proof of leaving quebec is not strong enough, how long it takes for office to reject my application bc of that after submitting it?
  8. From weeks to 1 year +
    You might get into “Review Required” and spend over a year, waiting for the decision, even a negative one

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