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get a survival job with advanced degrees

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by CaBeaver, Oct 11, 2019.

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    How to get survival jobs in Canada when you have advanced degrees? All of them ask for resumes (and experience), and I am not sure what to write in my resume. My guess is that if I put I have a PhD, they won't consider me because they would think I would leave as soon as I find another job. Well, yes, that's why they are called survival jobs. So, basically, now I am stuck, cannot find a job in my field for awhile, and cannot find a survival job to pay the bills because no one would consider me to do the low skill job. I went to a provincial employment service and took training for 4 months, and tried several recruiting agencies all to no avail. I face the same problem with jobs in my field that don't require PhD. I am willing to work in these jobs to gain experience, but again the pattern is that my applications are not being considered because I am "overqualified" (my suspicion). Any advice on how to overcome this? Ironically, the number of interviews I did from outside Canada was more than the job interviews I did from inside Canada, and I received two job offers from outside Canada, but I am still hoping to find a job in Canada to settle down, as it has been my plan.
  2. If applying why for survival jobs that are not in your field why bother including your PHD in your resume as it is not as though you are looking for a career in a survival job, just dumb down your resume specifically for these type of jobs.
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    I thought about this, but then what to say I was doing during the time I was doing my studies in the last 18 years (for all my studies graduate and under graduate)? It would be a huge gap if I don't put anything, which sounds suspicious. Let me put this differently, when I apply to a low skill job, what should I include without lying? I like to be honest and be on the same page with employers that I am doing this to pay the bills only, but my guess is that this isn't a good answer for employers, because they need employees who stick around, which invites lying.
  4. Are you applying all over Canada? What are you specialized in? Is there a market for that industry in Canada? Can your professors or other students provide leads. Have you had any work experience between any of your degrees?
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    There is a market, but may be not as good as for CS or finance, and I tried EVERYTHING you would suggest. I have skills that can be transferred to other fields, too, but I have no industrial experience, and every recruiter pointed this out. But how can I gain experience if no one is willing to give me a chance. For positions that require PhD I have no experience, and for jobs that don't require PhD they don't consider me. When I go to recruiting agencies, they basically tell me you don't have experience, and tell me if there is something comes up, we will let you know, and that is that. I am now willing to do anything (low skill jobs) to survive and pay the bills or I have to leave Canada, but even these low skills jobs aren't easy with my education history.
  6. Sorry I don’t have any other suggestions. Unfortunately people should really consider working between degrees or doing some co-ops/internships. Maybe you should consider getting some international experience in a large well known company then you can come back to Canada if you want.
  7. This problem is unique to Canada, though, maybe because of the small job market and few opportunities. My problem is not unique. Some of my colleagues left Canada either because they couldn't find a job, or because they were working low salary jobs. As I mentioned before, I received more interviews and (two job offers) from outside Canada , and I don't have industrial experience, and I finished my PhD from Canada because some people say maybe it's because your degree is not recognized or something!!
  8. Dude just put some fake usa experience. I doubt survival job employers go through the effort of any investigation. And why don't you just drive uber.
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    I don't have a driving license and a car. So, this is the way: lying?
  10. Wouldn’t suggest you lie. Many employers do actually check your reference and do some google searches.
  11. You are looking for a survival job, like a security guard, coffee house baker, cleaner etc. They are not going to go after references.

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