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GC Key


Sep 29, 2019
Hi guys

So I had the same problem, I got my account revoked by mistake.

I read your comments while I was confused about how to get bacl my application, I just got all my information linked into a new account after calling CIC GCkey support office (+18554381102). NO NEED TO CALL IF YOU UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING BELOW.

So they guided me through the following: (those are the exact steps)
1- *VERY IMPORTANT* There is a bug loop in the website so you have to open an incognito tab in Chrome or Firefox browsers.
2- Go to cic.gc.ca
3- Regiater a new account (new username and password).
4- After signing in - Click "continue" - click "I accept"
5- Go on and fill the security questions and answers again.
6- after that you will reach a page that will let you search for the applications you submitted (well you didn't submit any because this is the new account, you will find a hyperlink that says "Link submitted profile"
7- Answer the questions they ask about your application then submit.

You're now good to go and you will see your old application.

Good luck!