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Foreigner and starting a business.

Discussion in 'Start Your Own Business in Canada – Self Employmen' started by Lisalili36, May 16, 2019.

  1. I am a foreigner and would love to start a small Hair Braiding Parlour in Edmonton Alberta. Hair Braiding does not require any certificates nor degrees.

    How do I go about owning my own business?
  2. Are you already or are you planning to apply to be a permanent resident given of course you cannot simply move to Canada and start a business.
  3. Hi. I am planning to apply, because I have never been to Canada.
  4. Without a work permit (which you wouldn't get to start a "Hair Braiding Parlour") or Permanent Resident status, you can't work in a business you started. You could partner with a Canadian to start one but you would not be able to work in in it.
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  5. Thank you so much for y'all replies. This helps very much.
  6. Try to study how you can be owner operator. If you buy or start a business then you might get an LMIA meaning your own company will hire you, this can boost your CRS or after a year or once you got canadian experience you will have lots of options like PNP, CEC. YOU NEED TO STUDY IT WELL!!! I thonk you also need to hire an immigration consultant (the best one)
  7. any immigration consultant for owner operator LMIA
  8. How much money are you planning to invest?
    Where in canada would you want to start a business?
    What makes you think without ever visiting canada, you will be able to run a business and outsmart your competition who probably are running similar business for years?
  9. I am planning to invest around 200k . I am looking at states like british columbia or alberta. Well I am looking at purchasing an existing business or invest in similar ones.
  10. I think self employed business experience doesn’t counts in canadian experience class. You can have 200 extra points after one year if you manage to run your business successfully for one year and creates a successful LMIA.
  11. Canada doesn't have states.
  12. Don't u need LMIA before starting a business? I mean, the main criteria for work permit is LMIA, isn't it?
  13. No. You don’t need an LMIA if your job falls under LMIA exempt category. Owner, executive and Managerial jobs are exempt from LMIA and falls under exempt category.
  14. Hello,
    I owned a staffing company in India and I wanted to start ye same or start a branch of that staffing company in Canada, how it comes possible?
  15. Staffing company really depends on building up relationships with both businesses and job seekers. Would imagine that it may be tough to start as soon as you arrive in Canada unless you have quite a lot of connections. You certainly need to do more analysis on various markets throughout Canada.

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