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Find available Jobs in Canada

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by admin, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Do you have a bachelors?
    If so, my husband's company is hiring in Southern Ontario
  2. Hi everyone,

    I moved to vancouver bc on 3 rd july 2019 and things have not been good in terms of job hunting. I have tried for several openings in indeed but its just not happening. There are no calls for interviews also. I have done masters in hospital administration. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    This forum has been of great help in the past and i hope something will work out.

    Waiting for all your suggestions.

    Thanks in advance
  3. Hello,
    as I know your profile of Digital Marketing is also in demand there but you should confirm once that your profile is in demand or not.your connections plays an important role for this take help from your connection.I think that all depends a lot on your experience, location, your industry, and connections, etc. And the most important part is luck too and your experience is Good.
    you can take help from the job search portals or LinkedIn where you can submit your resume and find job.
    there are many job consultancies which helps you to find jobs but make sure consultancy should good and has high success rate. beware from fraud consultancies.
  4. Yes !
    Leon is Right.
    You have given very good advice, Leon
    Keep it up.....
  5. Hi guys!
    Need suggestions nd help...
    I did MS Mathematics from Pakistan's university of IT..
    COMSATS University..
    Soon i will be moving to canada, any suggestions nd help would be highly appreciated if u guys can guide me through any way.. Which job will be suitable for me.. I hv to support my family.. If related to field, thats good.. If not, i can also manage.. I just wanted to know the paymnt according to working hours..

    Thanks in advance
  6. I am yet to move but based on what I have read on this and various other forums ..it’s too early to expect a interview call. It took 4 months to get first interview call for my friend (Toronto), he is in iT. Meanwhile he worked for survival jobs and developing network. Networking is the key!
    Good luck.
  7. It is not easy to find a job in Canada that matches your skills and expertise. You need to search for the employer’s expectation, in the specific occupation or industry, in the city where you want to settle.
    There are programs introduced by the government which does not directly arrange jobs in Canada for you, but these programs will not get a job for you, you need to make some efforts by your side. If someone guarantees a job, they probably will be selling something and you will find yourself out of money, and still unemployed.
    Better contact to various overseas job placement portals to get a valid and well paid job.

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