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Finally get over the case Got my PR :) Quebec investor

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by nawabsaab, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. ;D Well guys i am sorry to update little late , I got visa on 16 feb this month.
    Oke so here are the facts which might help other members .

    1. By updating anything in you file will bring your file from queue to top desk. This might sound stupid but this is reality , I updated the file as because my Sister got married and agent suggested me this too. ( She had been removed from case )

    2. The medical expires in 1 year so the Embassy is completing the process and always wants you to land before the medical expires.

    Now i know that here are many users which goes through the medical again and again But this is true fact.

    I got my visa which is going to expire in 9 July 2016 and I go through my medical exactly 1 year before . If its still sounds you misleading then I would like to tell you guys that another applicant of my agent got call from the Embassy and They were requested that can they fly to Canada with in week ? as because there medical was going to Expire . ( Of Coarse they said Yes )

    I got my Passport back with in week they dont took much time to stamp.
    Now i am just planning to go to Canada :)

    I want to Thanks To all you Guys which supports and help me many time .
    Special Thanks to Visa Sagar and XpressEntry bro for there precious time and knowledge which helps me many time and surely going to help me even after the landing :) Thanks Guys
  2. So happy for you nawabsaab. Good things always take time. The hard part is over now, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful journey ;D
  3. hahaha ty so much bro , its good to hear that hard part is over but honestly i am really worried about the coming climax :-X
    But Thanks A lot for your support bro :) See you Soon
    Planning to fly in June First month ,
  4. Congratulations .....to you..

    I also got passport request
  5. Congo....so happy for you.... ;D
  6. thx bro and congrats to you also , i got my passport back in week and we got a confirmation call from embassy too
    My visa expire day is same as medical date , i guess you will get same as medical date
    Good luck

    Thank You bro :)
  7. Congrats to both nawabsaab and determinator.

    Yes. Medical expiry date and visa expiry date is the same. They won't issue you visa unless your medicals are not valid and you will be able to travel before they expire.

    Medical expiry date is one year from the day medical is done at the DMP
  8. Congratulations to you!!
  9. Many congratulations. Could anyone guide me please with processing times for Quebec entreprenuer applications from Pakistan? Applied in Dec 2013 and received AOR on Jan 9th 2014. When can we expect call for interview? BIQ is Hong Kong. We were told that approx time for csq is 2 years. And after that how long is CIC processing time for the same from London office? Many thanks for any help.
  10. To be honest with you bro i dont its possible for anyone to tell the exact time. I am from India and i applied in 2007 or 8 and i got visa this year Feb.
    My Parents Interview was in Hong Kong and after submitting the draft it took 3 more years for medical and rest of things
    But these days embassy is clearing cases little faster. The only way is to massage the embassy and apply for GCMS notes but in my opinion i would suggest you to save that step for later.
    As you mention your timeline i guess you will call for interview this year , so you must start preparing for the interview.
  11. Thank you very much for your help. Wishing you and your family a smooth and happy transition to Canada.
  12. Hello Everyone,

    Does anyone have details of Quebec Investors immigration detail...


  13. Hi! Can you share when did you apply and share your timeline too please
  15. Hi,
    I am Quebec investor immigrant. I am require to do my landing in Quebec. I do not have a direct flight to Montreal but to Toronto. I will be taking a local flight to Montreal 1 hour after landing. Please where will my landing be done?. Please I need your advice as I will landing on Wednesday . Thanks.

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