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Final determination reschedule

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by uematsu, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I received an invitation for interview for final determination of PR (final step with landing done on the spot) scheduled on July 25th in Vancouver.

    Unfortunately my wife was at the same time renewing her canadian visa so we could not go since she didnt have her passport.

    We let IRCC know right away by mail, called IRCC client centre, attended the interview anyway where the agent let us know that we can reschedule as soon as we get the passport.

    We finally got the passport and asking for a reschedule of the interview, knowing that our medical exam expires on November 5th.

    Do you think they will be able to give us an appointment before November 5th (basically three months) or delays are usually longer?
  2. hi, can I ask what happened? I lost the original visitor record and don't know what to do

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