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Final Decision says 'Your application was approved'

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Abby799, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I did apply for a TRV and the status now has changed to 'Your application was approved. Check your messages below for details.' But there is no message below.

    I did apply along with my passport.

    Does that mean that my visa is approved. Also why is there no message update below in the messages section?

    Please if anyone can clarify.

  2. It means your visa has already been stamped if that’s the status, and your passport should be returned soon. Do you already see counterfoil details in your account?
  3. I have applied for the very first time for a Canadian Visa and I am not so sure about the counterfoil you are exactly talking about. The only place where I am able to spot the word counterfoil is in the Document Status section. Over there in the heading named Document it says 'counterfoil'.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Yes, counterfoil refers to the visa stamp. There should be a document number referring to the visa issuance, which would confirm that your application is complete.

    You didn’t get a message in your account because you submitted your passport with the application.
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  5. Just next to the section of counterfoil there is a section named as Document Number. The number mentioned below is neither my UCI nor my passport number.

    I was just not sure that the visa application is approved as the same happened within couple of days of applying. Anyways, a good sign though.

    Many thanks for your help as well.
  6. Hi,

    When and from what country did you apply for a TRV?
  7. Hello!

    I have applied to the London Visa Office, through VFS.
  8. The London visa office processes TRV applications pretty quickly. Decisions can be made in even 1 day
  9. Yes, for sure. Even my application did practically took only a day to get approved.

    It is just the fact that when I was checking the processing time on the CIC's website it was showing me around 19 days.

    It is a good sign though that they process the application really quick.
  10. Hello!

    I had one more query if anyone can help.

    The Counterfoil document's status says that the document is valid till the date which is just a day before my passport expires. Is that possible. If anyone can clarify me with that.

  11. Yes, it is possible. You have been issued the maximum validity for a TRV i.e. until your passport expiry
  12. Yes that is the one way CIC does it..

    CIC Operating procedure advises visa officers to normally issue a 10 year multiple entry visa or a visa valid till the expiry date of your passport
  13. It's never a 10 year visa (unlike for example, a US B1/B2 visa issued for some nationalities).... but the TRV can be issued for a maximum until the passport expiry. If someone's passport has a 10 year validity, it would seem like a 10 year TRV but it is not
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  14. Is that the practice in general or in certain cases, as I have been invited to Canada by my Uncle and I did attach an attested letter of invitation form him with my application.
  15. It's a rule..... maximum validity is only until the passport expiry. A decision for this would depend on several factors and circumstances of the applicant.

    Otherwise visa validity can be of any length as determined by the assessing visa officer

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