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Feedback about North American Services center in Dubai

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by waeell, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Hi

    Excuse anyone has a very bad experience with NASC consultant office in Dubai
    Like I do? They hold my file for about four years without doing a single action after i paid them more than 4000 US Dollars.

    And please advise me about what can I do if I am dealing with a fraud office?

  2. It is a fraud company in United Arab Emirates called North America Service Centre NASC.

    These company presented by her owner Kathryn and her parter named Dr. Rod.

    I signed a contract with them last year paying around 10,000AED. Agreed to help me in the immigration process.

    Unfortunately they did not provide me with anything till date and discovered they are trying to collect more money in every step

    IELTS exam, WES Certification, PNP Programs

    Moreover, they change their telephone numbers every while to escape from old victims

    Be ware of this company and inform anyone to be aware of them
  3. Dear All Canadian immigration applicants,
    NASC, North American Service Center, They are fraud, they will tell you that our competitors are misleading people on google that's why their reviews are negative. but that's not True, they are fraud company, DO NOT WASTE MONEY AND TIME
    Find good immigration lawyer
  4. Even i had a bad experience with NASC i coughed up around 15000aed all in vain, they are big time cheaters.

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