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Feedback about North American Services center in Dubai


Oct 27, 2015

Excuse anyone has a very bad experience with NASC consultant office in Dubai
Like I do? They hold my file for about four years without doing a single action after i paid them more than 4000 US Dollars.

And please advise me about what can I do if I am dealing with a fraud office?



Aug 26, 2016
It is a fraud company in United Arab Emirates called North America Service Centre NASC.

These company presented by her owner Kathryn and her parter named Dr. Rod.

I signed a contract with them last year paying around 10,000AED. Agreed to help me in the immigration process.

Unfortunately they did not provide me with anything till date and discovered they are trying to collect more money in every step

IELTS exam, WES Certification, PNP Programs

Moreover, they change their telephone numbers every while to escape from old victims

Be ware of this company and inform anyone to be aware of them


Jul 3, 2019
Dear All Canadian immigration applicants,
NASC, North American Service Center, They are fraud, they will tell you that our competitors are misleading people on google that's why their reviews are negative. but that's not True, they are fraud company, DO NOT WASTE MONEY AND TIME
Find good immigration lawyer
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Jun 23, 2019
my two brothers lost almost 15,000 AED to NASC. They are a complete fraud and all you can do is leave them, dont pay them another penny. just forget about all the money you paid them and leave them.


Nov 28, 2019

Stay away from them, as a duped client I will explain everything you will experience objectively and truthfully:

1- they will misinform you about the process:
  • They might tell you that Kathryn Mary MacDonald is an immigration lawyer, whereas she is just a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), all what she and NASC can do is fill the application online for you and deal with the IRCC themselves. You will probably never see her or talk to her, I never did myself anyway.
  • They will tell you that only them can change the application once submitted into the pool, nothing could be further from truth.
  • They will make promises they cannot deliver, remember if it is too good to be true then it is.
2- Watch out when signing the Retainer Agreement Contract, Use of Representative Form and paying them money!
  • THEY MAKE YOU PAY BEFORE READING THE RETAINER AGREEMENT!!! you have the right to take a copy of the agreement, read it well, consult with a lawyer, etc etc... if they do not agree to that, just leave and never look back, trust me you will never ever regret it. Because they will not hesitate to use it against your best interest at the first opportunity.
  • Don't sign the Retainer Agreement nor the Use of Representative Form (IMM5476e) before making sure they are both signed by Kathryn MacDonald.
  • Also don't pay any fees before carrying out the two previous steps, take copies of all the documents BOTH parties have signed and payment receipts signed and stamped.
  • Better to pay with credit card, avoid paying in cash. This will enable you to trace back your payment better. Take your credit card receipt copy.
  • Make sure that the services you paid for are included in the Contract, for example PNP process, because if your CRS is low they will promise to assist you in a PNP process which is not true and not included in the fees you paid, watch out!
3- They will not assist you after you pay them:
  • So, if you fail to take the aforementioned precautions... and pay them your hard earned money, they will be assisting you for the first two weeks, then they will stop receiving your calls, your meeting requests, you will NEVER see or hear from Kathryn and you are left to deal with the unprofessional unregistered consultants, processing team, receptionists and people who you did not agree to do business with.
  • Nobody will receive your complaints or try to solve them, they belittle clients and treat them very badly. Even their ecomplaints email address does not receive emails, I guess because it is full of complaints who nobody has ever read.
  • Watch out from their CLIENT PORTAL, it is not secured by an encryption certificate, think twice before uploading any sensitive information about yourself and your family especially your CHILDREN, and any financial data information to this outdated portal system!!! this kind of unsecured websites are very vulnerable to hacker attacks.
4- They will fail to execute their contractual obligations, if you decide to pay your fees in installments it is their obligation to launch your Online Express Entry Application after you submit the ECA and IELTS as per the contract. NOT after you pay your full fees, and there is nowhere in the agreement a clause that says otherwise.

5- They will waive the Contract in your face at the first conflict saying you've been given the chance to read it but you failed to understand the implications, they will also send you a threatening FINAL LEGAL NOTICE preceded by none, this notice threatens to file a legal civil case against you and place attachment on your properties in the UAE and home country, in a big breach of their retainer agreement which clearly states that in case of dispute the conflict shall be resolved amicably and shall be handled by Mediators then, if unsuccessful, Arbitrators.

6- They have no sense of ensuring client satisfaction, receiving constructive feedback, or improving their business practices and process quality. They are very very slow to respond to any inquiries and treat a client as burden and not as the core of their business and services. They also use outdated official forms, make sure that any official immigration form you sign is the latest version available on the CIC website, or you will risk to have the form rejected.

7- I am a real client and not one of their competitors, I urge you to read my review carefully and not repeat the mistakes I have done. My advice, educate yourself on the immigration process yourself, the internet is full of free and accurate information... and remember they cannot perform miracles! If you are eligible then you are, if not seek ways to improve your CRS score. Research any consultant very well!

Finally, I strongly disagree with the people who say "forget the money that you have paid" this will only encourage them to keep up their wrong and unethical business practices, you have the right to file complaints against NASC with the local UAE authorities and against Kathryn MacDonald with the ICCRC-CRCIC, they cannot keep doing what they are doing and get away with it. They are enriching themselves with the hard earned money of hard working people living away from their home countries and beloved families.
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Jun 29, 2020
Below is my experience and story with them. I am currently still awaiting a reply, but I wanted to leave a review to hopefully warn those that are thinking about applying through this agency, and what to expect.

This started back around April of 2019. I came in to their Al Ain office and met a good consultant by the name of Ms. Noura and inquired about job opportunities in Canada, but due to my lack of experience, was unable to. I was then recommended to try Poland, and was told they are open and hiring many workers, and was promised to be able to leave within 2-3 months. I took a huge risk and paid in full (AED 10,000 + AED 500 for the 5% VAT) as I was advised paying in installments would cost around AED 2000-3000 more.

They were very accommodating for the first couple weeks to the first 2 months, with constant calls from a Ms. Darren, whom I presume was assigned to me, and asked for more documents to be submitted via parcel or through the site portal (which if I'm being honest, is very outdated). All seemed normal and understandable. However, the weeks passed by, months passed by and I was still left hanging for the "approval"/"confirmation" from the Polish government for my working permit, when I tried to get in touch with the consultant I had met, Ms. Noura, to my surprise, she had quit her job. I had gone through so much stress trying to contact them to ask what was going on, with even physical trips to their Dubai office just to meet face to face, since the phone lines constantly BUSY (very suspicious, as it seems to only be busy when you state you're an existing client to the machine, but it's suddenly available if you state you're a new, inquiring customer), it became increasingly difficult to just talk to anyone about the issue, and when I was able to, I would just receive the same old "It's still in process, we're sorry" (later was told it was due to a change in the immigration officials and immigration system in Poland). Let me tell you, that is not the answer you want to hear in person, especially after travelling hours to their Dubai office from Al Ain.

I did not receive my permit until January of 2020 (on the document it says it had been approved on December of 2019, but I guess due to mailing, it took a month?). My father and I came over to their office in JLT to receive the work permit, met Ms. Rita who was a manager and was very accommodating, she knew Polish and walked me through the documents, and was asked to be taken testimonial video. All that was left was to apply for the work visa.

As we were discussing the next steps, Ms. Darren, brought up a service of them being able to assist me with appointment bookings with the Polish embassy, saying that they have contacts and can hopefully make bookings quicker and easier. So we bought into that idea, and was charged another AED 2000 (plus 5% VAT, total of AED 2100). We were told that once a booking for a visa appointment comes up, I would be notified.

It had taken about 2 months of no progress, until unfortunately, my initial plan of applying in the Polish embassy in Malaysia did not pan out the way I wanted, since the embassy there had changed their rules stating only Malay citizens could apply there (was not the case before that), which left me to my only option which was to apply in my home country, Philippines. And then, the corona virus pandemic happened, and plans came to a halt right then and there.

Fast forward to today, I tried to check on the validity of my documents and was told that my initial work permit is still valid till December 2020, so me being hopeful with starting things up again since many restrictions have already been lifted, tried to initiate progress, but just I mentioned, you have to go through thick and thin just to reach someone in-charge to talk to you, as they seem to always either be on a break, a meeting, or not in the office at the day.

It has become very stressful, inconvenient and just a huge pain. I've wasted not just my money, but my time with this hopeful dream of being able to work in Poland. Apologies if this is not relevant since the site is about Canada, but I just felt the need to let people know what they were getting into with applying with this company.