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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Virupachi71, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. I got pr and having job offer through MPNP. I am landing in Canada on 18 June 2018. I am coming alone. How much funds I need to show when I am landing? Are travellers card is valid for proof of funds? I already opened the NRI account in my country India with ICICI bank which has branches in Canada. If i am keeping funds in the account and bringing statement and debit card is enough for proof of funds.
  2. Hi there! You don't need to actually show the funds when you arrive. They may be still in your bank account in India as you land. Do bring the bank account statements just in case but generally they do not ask for proof at the border.

    Also, just in case you were interested in this, you can open a Canadian bank account before landing, and transfer the money there. Since you are landing in 5 days, I would hurry up with the bank account process if you decide to go that way.

    Best of luck and hope you have a good journey! The weather is pretty good right now here in Winnipeg, you chose a good week to land.

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