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February 2019 Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Mido1978, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone, I just mailed my application today. I ll creat an excel sheet tomorrow and updat it with feedback received so far and upcoming submissions in February 2019. Wish everyone the best of luck
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  2. I ll creat one tomorrow and share it with everyone who shared their status
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  3. please add me
    mailed: feb 4th 2018
    Edmonton Alberta
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  4. ID: Hope4
    Location: Toronto
    Family of 2
    App Sent Feb 2
    App Received: Feb 7

    Where is the link to the Feb spreadsheet?
  5. Hi folks,

    Has everyone used the new Jan 2019 form? I have used the Dec 2018 form and the signature is on Feb 2nd 2019. Will my application be returned?
    I think I downloaded the form on Jan 28th.
  6. Was there a January form? I submitted with the December form. I don't think our application will be returned because of that.
  7. Just noticed that there are new forms released in Jan 2019. I used Dec 2018 forms and just sent the application yesterday. I don't think they will return it back since it just has been released. let hope they get accepted
  8. I found that there are 3 members were added. I Don't have access to update other. Can you include others and me as well
    ID: Mido1978
    Location: London
    Family of 4
    App Sent Feb 4
    App Received: Not Yet
    No. Days: 1167
  9. Hey guys.. anyone whos application gets returned, please use the new form, it has a lot of good news in it, and made it way simple and easier.
    the question about crown servant is clear and u can check NO if not served as crown servant.
    the police clearance certificate requirement has been so much relaxed. so please go with the new form.
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  10. I already showed name change documents with the my application. Showed marriage cert, new name on home country passport, as well as health card changed to new name
  11. Hi

    Can someone please add me:

    ID: zezu
    Location: Toronto
    App Type: Single
    Physical Presence Days: 1,111
    App Sent: Feb 5th 2019
  12. We have our oath tomorrow. My wife wants to put in a name change with the province.
    The problem with doing it now is that after she changes her name, she will need to apply for a new Citizenship Certificate with her new name and then go apply for a new passport.

    This time and expense can be avoided if you do the name change now, well in advance of the completion of the citizenship application. When completed, just submit it to IRCC. By the time you're finished with the citizenship application, you'll receive the Citizenship Certificate in the new name and you can apply for the passport with the new name.

    I wish we had completed the name change earlier with this timing.
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