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family of 3 needs help

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by dennis browne, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Hi good morning to all! we are a family of 3 who came here on a visitor's visa. We came here because of difficulties in our country which work is very hard to find. we are living without any status here now for almost 2 years. We are on our own without no family support. We have been trying our best to get help and got ripped off lots of time from immigration fraud companies and i have tried to find a company which supports lmia but seems almost impossible to find. so we are now scared of whom to trust. our daughter is being home school because we are scared to go public. I am working for a company that is paying me cash and that is how i afford rent and food. my wife stays home with our daughter to teach her. We don't know where to go for help, we need someone who can lead us in the right direction. Please any advise will be accepted. thank you.
  2. Hi,
    Sorry to hear about your situation. I am in a similar situation stuck abroad and want to return home to Canada. I hope things work out for you and you can be home too someday.
  3. Economic hurdles back home aren't a basis for asylum claims. Even if they were, doubt your situation would help you since you have been living and working illegally for 2 years without paying a penny in taxes.
  4. i forget to mention that the company i work for is not willing to help me so they pay me cash weekly.
  5. Not even remotely surprised. What do you expect from a company hiring you illegally?!
  6. thank you all for replying. though i am not sure what category i would be placed in, so i just made this post in asylum. it's not that i want to work illegal, i am trying my best to do it the right way. i wish there was a way to be paying tax. on the other hand is it good to keep all receipts from grocery shopping and so on?
  7. Just go file a refugee claim. It will take them 2-3 years to get you a hearing before they deny your claim and then you appeal it in court. After exhausting the above which should give you 3-4 years, submit a H&C claim as your daughter will still be below 18. This will buy you another 2-3 years. By the time the whole ordeal will be over, govt will grow sympathetic to you and grant you PR.
    At least by filing refugee claim, you will be given a work permit and you can find a better job and your family can live without fear of going in public.
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  8. thanks very much for your help i will surely look into that.
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  9. Do it quick
  10. That’s a bit oversimplified and exceptionally optimistic. CBSA can actually make a determination (as can IRCC or the IRB) that the applicant does not fit the refugee definition at the time of the claim. A decision in your claim can be expedited if they feel you rent a valid claimant and you could find yourself breezing through the process in no time and on your way home. The OP has no valid refugee claim and the intent is purely economic. And H&C doesn’t not guarantee you get to remain in Canada. Many H&C claimants are removed during the process.
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  11. There is no way that you will be guaranteed PR after you have exhausted all the options that was stated by @andy.keeling.

    The most likely scenario would end with deportation of you and your family given that you have no valid reasoning of why IRCC or CBSA let you stay in Canada.
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  12. I have only restated all what I have read in this forum . People with claims which are not found to be true still do all this to buy time and are successful. At least this person can get over the fear of keeping his family in hiding this way.

    Being without status in any country is no fun, I am struggling myself.
  13. Yes but OP must realize that he has no valid claims of asylum and he can be deported by CBSA at anytime. Having H&C application will not help at all to stop the removal order.

    But again its his decision and what he wants to do is up to him.
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  14. is there any other options? some kinda program we can join?
  15. H&C is your only real option - but it has very low success rates.

    Most other paths aren't an option since they require you to have valid status in Canada to apply. For example, none of the following is possible since you are out of status: temporary work permit, study permit, applying to immigrate through an economic immigration stream like Express Entry or PNP.

    There's zero point looking for an LMIA. Even if you find a real one, you cannot apply for a work permit since you're out of status.
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