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Family Doctor

Discussion in 'Health' started by markmark1983, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. How did you get your family doctor when you arrived here in Canada.
  2. You can call around or there is usually a number or website to call in each province that has lists of doctors who may be taking new patients. In some areas it can be very challenging to secure a family doctor.
  3. First you need to get your health cards. Then, it makes sense once you find your accommodation to look for clinics that are not far or ask for recommendations. You probably do not want to travel very far everytime you need to visit your family doctor. You may have to be on a waiting list to be accepted by a doctor that is close and has good feedback. Even without a family doctor, you can get treatment at any walk-in clinic and government hospital as long as you have your health card.
  4. Want to clarify that hospitals should not be used as a family doctor. ERs are meant for emergencies that can not be dealt with by a family doctor or walk-in clinic.
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  5. Thanks for the clarification
  6. Don't mean to be picky but there is a very high use of ERs by new Canadians and asylum seekers. In other countries it is very normal to seek basic care in the ER for things like colds. Must say that lots of Canadians misuse the system as well.
  7. If they know that they will not get any medication and have to wait hours for nothing, may be they will stop going to ERs.
    I poured hot liquid over myself and suffered from a 2nd degree burnt. I only did some first-aid, took pain killer and went to a walk-in clinic to get it treated the next day. (my GP isn't open on MONDAY when I needed her!!)

    If I went to ER, I likely will only get the same treatment and needed to sit in the waiting area in pain for hours. And may even pickup some bugs while waiting with lots of patients.
  8. In Ontario your family doctor gets in trouble if you go to an ER or walk in clinic and not to you doctor's after hours service. Usually a group of 10-15 doctors who take turns doing an evening clinic and part day on Saturday. My doctor got in trouble because I went to he ER on a Saturday because I hadn't been able to breathe right for 5 days and I knew I needed a chest x-ray. After a half day they sent me home and basically called me a wimp. I begged for at least an inhaler. I am far from wimp. I told my doctor to fight the fine that she got for me going to the ER. What the OHIP computer didn't pick up is that they called me half an hour after discharge to tell me that I had a collapsed lung and needed a chest tube. The ER physician told me that he happened to look at my x-ray again. I know that a radiologist reads imaging a 2nd time. At least they are trying to teach people not to use the ER by fining the GPs. Lots of people watching while I was in the ER and it is astounding how people can't even deal with a cold.

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