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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Smbul Qureshi, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. I filled online visit visa application form for self and my spouse, and two kids ( under 18 years), while submitting completing online application form changed DOB of my spouse and its shows my DOB and my name instead of showing my spouse details, due to this error I can't upload form 5257 , can you pls guide
  2. Send a case specific inquiry explaining the error. Keep a copy of letter and date/time sent.
  3. I'm applying for an online visit visa for my self and my family( Me, my spouse and two kids under 18 years). Initially, I filled online application than filled forms IMM 5257, IMM 5645 and IMM5713 and than upload on the online application while uploading these forms on online my first family member’s( my spouse) date of birth is changed and shows my date of birth (principal applicant). Now I'm confused why principle applicant DOB shows instead of showing first family member DOB. I don't know where did I make mistake. Can you please help me in this and guide me what to do now.

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