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EXPRESS ENTRY SPREADSHEET - Please Discuss here !!!!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by srbhrn, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Dear All,

    AS you know, Express Entry is close. To evaluate where we stand, we have created a Spreadsheet where we can enter our score and see where we stand.

    Links to access the spreadsheet and make your entry are below:
    Express Entry Spreadsheet

    To get yourself entered in Spreadsheet, enter details here:

    For any changes/ comments/ modification to spreadsheet, please put here and I will address it.

    Kindly put it in your signature to have mor epeople join the SS and get a better idea where your application stands.


    please use this calculator to assess your application and identify your score.. use this score to enter the details in SS..

  3. Is this possible to edit already entered entry?
  4. yes it is possible if you have saved your EDIT RESPONSE link .. if you havent, please make another entry and Personal MEssage me to remove the earlier entry .. thanks
  5. I am receiving a few PMs to edit the entries in Spreadsheet..

    I request everyone to please save the EDIT MY RESPONSE link and use that to edit their entries..

    in case its not possible, please do the following two steps..

    1. Make a completely new entry with updated details (do save EDIT MY RESPONSE link after you submit)

    2. Mark me a Personal Message to remove the earlier entry

    This would be usefull .. thanks guys ..

    Best wishes for EE everyone ..
  6. Everyone,

    Please get yourself added to the spreadsheet.. In a few days we will start using the same for your application status as well..

    We will make it bigger then fsw2014

    See you all there.. Links in my signature
  7. Wow, a lot of people are putting in efforts for point calculation. I had no idea this is going so thorough.

    I just thought of mentioning that clearly people who already have jobs or job offers (a good number of those already in Canada on work permits) would have significantly higher scores.

    I just tested myself and without any language proficiency score (assuming i don't take the time to do those by the time of applying first stage of EE), i am like 875 points. Once i take language test with even moderate scores, it crosses 1k.

    And this was mainly because of 600 for job offer. I am not applying in Jan for EE, probably would do that some time latter. But i am pretty sure i know a good number of others with similar situation.

    If it helps to know, all of those who apply and already have jobs would obviously get through first.
  8. Guys, How to edit already entered credentials. Is there any option available OR I need to make new entry?
  9. Hi,

    There would have been an EDIT RESPONSE link after you made your entry which you should have saved to make your edits... I believe you do not have it right now.

    Please do any of the below 2 options:
    1. Mention your unique ID and modifications below and I will make the edit for you in the sheet. You can use same method in future also, but you would need me everytime.
    2. Make a new entry and save the EDIT RESPONSE link this time. You can use this link to make as many edits as you want in future. Also, mention below your old entry below and I will delete it from current list.

  10. Hi,
    I had entered my details, how can i see the standing position of mine in this spreadsheet??????

    Aditya P
  11. by using sort tool you can see your standing position.
  12. Guys,

    On January 27th I will have 1 year of Canadian work experience, i have a job offer, but do not have LMIA. Can I count 600 points for job experience or not?
  13. No. Employment offers must be accompanied by LMIA to receive the 600 points.
  14. You can now see your standing from top.. I have put a column that calculates at what percentage you are.. Hope it helps..

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