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Express Entry Applicants from Tamilnadu - Network here!!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by rajkamalmohanram, May 12, 2015.

  1. People from Tamilnadu who have applied for/ planning to apply under the Express Entry scheme in 2015 please network here! Share your views/experiences.
  2. Hi,
    We have just started with WES and IELTS.
    Electronic technician with Hr manager as primary applicant. We are from coimbatore. Where are you from.
  3. Hi Nagaraj,

    What a coincidence !! Coimbatore is my native too! I am currently working in Pune though! I will be applying either in the last week of September or First week of October!!

    I've actually booked my IELTS for August. I will be doing WES in another 2 - 3 weeks.


  4. Ha ha ha good one.
    You are applying single or family.
    Which field are you.
  5. Hi,

    I'm a single applicant! I currently work in a IT firm in Pune!

  6. Hi all TN people,

    Please post your whatsapp number, will add you to our own group! Every doubt would be clarified in a matter of seconds there!
  7. Hi All,

    I am also from Tamil Nadu ,Chennai . I have submitted my EE profile mid of April.
    You can add me to Whatsapp Tamil Nadu group . Kishore , I will PM you my number .

    Raj-- i found your posts in the anna univ docs forum ... it was helpful
  8. I am from chennai. I submitted my EE profile on 20th May. My score is only 345. I dont have any hopes to receive an ITA as of now.
  9. ahem kishore so others are not allowed? :|
  10. If you or your spouse belong to TN in anyway, you could post a request! You are most welcome!
  11. Ping me to add in whatsapp TN group guys !
  12. hi guys i m frm chennai. CRS @ 452. Applied fr PNP in NL.

    I will reach CRS 510 on Jan2016 (completing 2+yrs experience in Canada)
  13. Hey guys!! We have a WhatsApp group for people from Tamilnadu who are interested in applying for a Canadian PR. Please PM me your mobile numbers so that I can add you to the group.

  14. Hi,
    TAMILNADU GROUP!!!! This is a wonderful idea to have such a group. We can share our views and doubts and will be useful to achieve PR to Canada. I am from Chennai and native of Madurai. Waiting for ECA from WES and also going to do IELTS on July 11th. Kindly include my No: +91-9962342919.

    Thank you Mr.Rajkamal for effort.
  15. Hi guys,

    I work in Pune and hence I will not be able to go to Anna University, Chennai to get my transcripts in person. So, I asked a friend to go get it and mail it to WES. Because I wanted it to be perfect, I gave him the details on what to do in excruciating detail. I'll post it below and it might help someone.

    I've mentioned one or two copies extra of all documents, to be on the safer side. Hope this helps.

    I have to mention that the content in that letter was gathered in this forum. Thanks to the forum members for their help. :)
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