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Express Entry Applicants from Tamilnadu - Network here!!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by rajkamalmohanram, May 12, 2015.

  1. Hello Guys,

    Anyone from PSG tech college, Coimbatore. Need help with ECA process. Please reply back.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Raj,

    I am from Chennai working in an IT firm here in Chennai.

    Can you plz add me +91 9176360527.

  3. Hey Folks,

    I've done my IELTS and waiting for a good result :D. I'm a B.E graduate like so many of you. Can anyone explain the steps to follow in getting the transcripts from Anna University, Chennai. I'm really confused reading so many posts.

    If I get advice from someone who has already done it from Anna University- Chennai, I'd be grateful. :)

    Thanks in advance,
  4. Raj,

    I didnt look at the steps that you have posted earlier. That's exactly what I wanted because I didn't want to do a mistake in crucial things like these.
    Thanks a ton..!!!!

  5. Add my number, i have completed the EE with 362 Points

  6. Hi Guys ,

    I am from chennai currently residing in dubai , going to apply EE in 3-4 weeks .

    Kindly add me in the group 00971501135337

    Hifzur Rahman

    Thanks & Regards
  7. Hi, Please add me +1-417-350-5289
  8. Hi,

    Add me in whatsapp group - 9884284024

  9. Hi, I am Bharathi from chennai.. Can you add me as well in this group. Please find my no below

    +1 6479958409

    My husband has applied for pr with 380+ points. How to increase points further.
    My husband just included my name (spouse name) and my daughters name
    Does my studies, work experience will be helpful in anyways to increase points. Please guide me on this.

    I have done my Masters in IT( m.sc being part time in madras univ)
    Working in IT firm for past 8 yrs
    Worked in UK for a yr in 2010
    Does this helps in anyway to increase points...


  10. Hi how to apply under PNP category.. I am not very sure abt that..
  11. Check the website of the province that you intend to apply. You will find all the information there.
  12. Raj , I am new to this forum, First of all thanks for the write up . I have few questions , I really appreciate if you or someone could answer

    Can you tell where I can get the Academic Records Request form” for WES and the second one is a letter to WES “Non-issuance of transcripts for semester-wise mark sheets” ?
    does the official has to fill up the WES form and then sign,seal ?

    This I am not sure, but I have heard someone had to go to college road to get the school transcripts. Do we have to get the transcripts for school certificate as well ?

    Please help
  13. what is your IELTS score......if you get more than 8 in all categories, your score will jump up and even you will get invitation!!!
  14. What do you mean more than 8 in all categories? People should concentrate getting a CLB-9 (8 7 7 7 in L R W S) respectively.
  15. You can download the academic records request form from the WES website.

    And yes, Anna University has its own format for Non-issuance. You can ask them to sign and place it in the envelope along with the transcripts.

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