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Express Entry applicants from Brazil, connect here!

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by jorgecmb, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Hey guys.

    I received ITA last draw at exactly 415. The thing is I am also about to be nominated by the OINP.

    I am afraid that if I apply with this ITA I received, and they don't consider something in my application (work experience for example) I might be rejected, so I am thinking of decline this ITA and wait for the nomination (my status at the OINP is "Decision in Progress").

    I am already decided to live in Ontario as I have family there.

    What would you guys suggest?
  2. This is a very personal decision. I passed through something related to it.

    When I applied to EE last year, minimum invited CRS scores were above 480 and mine (475) wasn't good at that time (yes, things have changed dramatically!).
    I applied to SINP and waited until the last week to accept the nomination - since it meant that there was no way back to get ITA without PNP.
    I accepted the nomination and guess what? On the following week, there was an "excepcional" ITA inviting everyone with 475+. I was brutally sad for not having the right (in theory, but I'm going with it) to choose my province anymore, and got ITA with the additional 600 points. If I had rejected nomination, I would have gone with FSW and may have already received PR by now. On the other hand, the PNP (even if it's so damn slower in SPVO) gave me "peace of mind" due to a prior verification on my documents, and also for having the nomination letter for 1 year - which allows me to reapply to EE and quickly get ITA in case of any problems.

    In a nutshell: it's your journey and there is no right or wrong. If you go with OINP, besides the much slower provincial process, the PR application will take much longer comparing to FSW, given the SPVO average time. On the other hand, you would get that "peace of mind" thing I described, having the nomination letter to ensure you can quickly reapply to PR in case of problems. Maybe your time expectations could decide your approach - do you have time to wait the whole PNP part (over 1 year in some cases)? Either way, it's up to you. And good luck with the decision!

    g126 would also be able to provide a good point of view, he has waited the whole OINP processing and now he's waiting for PR.

    In my case, I'm reaching the 6-month mark since AOR next week, couldn't be more anxious! :'(
  3. Hey dhvs, thanks for the reply. Actually this year OINP is taking between 5 days to 2 months to send nomination after one has submitted application.

    That is what I am saying, I submitted my application on March 16. Yesterday my status changed to "Decision in Progress", that means that I will probably be nominated tomorrow or next week.

    For sure I want this peace of mind. After ITA, when we apply for PR, is the processing times really that different between FSW and PNP?

    I thought it was around 6 months to all.

    Thanks once again.
  4. dhvs gave a nice touch already, so I´ll be brief. I don´t think your work experience can be rejected upon federal Express Entry, since they only demand the reference letter(s). OINP demands that PLUS proof of compensation (pay slips, bank statements with salary payment, IRPF statements etc), and after Ontario´s PNP you´ll have to do the federal process anyway, since their stream is EE-based, so that worry of yours is undoubtedly true.

    So, unless you have already applied to OINP - and dropped the $1500 they ask for it - fast forward to the federal process. You´ll spend less time and less money, and you´ll land in Ontario anyway.

    BTW, congratulations, and good luck!
  5. Just supplementing the information, I´m assuming you can properly show your references as a salary worker.
  6. Thanks for the advice João. Yes, I have all the reference letters and everything.

    I already paid the 1500 CAD to submit OINP application, as I said I might be nominated next week. So I'll probably just wait for the nomination. I already have all the documents for PR application, as I am planning to submit it by the end of May.

    Thanks guys!!
  7. Guys,

    Passed meds today.

    FSWO AOR March 10th
  8. I saw your profile today on immitracker and it had been uptaded just minutes earlier! What a coincidence!
  9. BG still in 'NA' but the "Date Read" field just updated to May 5th.

    Either they're finally working on my file or the GCS notes request landed on somebody's desk.

    At least they're looking at it :p
  10. Hey guys..

    hope you all are well..

    As I submitted OINP application in March, I already translated all my statements since September/2016 to February/2017, and they all were translated in one document only.

    Now I am gathering all the documents to submit my PR application and hoping to save some money with translations.

    Do you guys think it is Ok to send them statements from September/2016 to now? I mean, I will only have to translate the statements after March and save some money. Or is it better to send them only what they ask (six months)?

    Thanks to you all!
  11. #926 gff, May 9, 2017 at 2:35 PM
    Last edited: May 9, 2017
    GFF 08/may/17 FSW Ontario Outland - somebody add me to the list please


    CRS 451
    ITA - February 8th
    AOR - May 8th
    Meds Passed : Not yet
    BG Status : Not applicable
  12. BG went from IP1 to N/A today

    Add information requested May 8th (wife's IMM5562e)
    Add information provided May 9th

    Does that mean they've cleared my wife's additional info?? If so, that was really quick.
  13. Hi there,

    Can someone explain to me how to proceed with the PCC from Brazil?

    I am not sure if I am submitting the right information. I requested a Nada Consta from PF and the Embassy of Brasil certified that. After that I went to a translator and requested the documents to be translated and a affidavit from him. Am I missing something here?

    In other words , What I have :
    1-A Nada consta with the seal of Embassy of Brazil
    2. Documents translated by a certified translator
    3. Affidavit

    Cheers galera.
  14. You should be fine! You nailed it.
  15. Thanks for your help.

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