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Exporting a Vehicle from the U.S. and Importing into Canada: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by KBH, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,
    This is extremely useful... Hats off .
    I am moving to Canada in Jan end to settle permanently. I have a question about exporting my car. I have a 2015 corolla with 40k miles on it.

    The issues are :
    1. I met with an accident in July 2018 and unfortunately I got it fixed outside of my insurance. I went to a private auto body shop to get the car repaired and have been having issues with it since then. During rains, The water leaks into the trunk (where the spare tire is kept). Also, the body under the rear bumper was 'fixed' and not replaced, though I did get a new bumper.

    2. I might have to get 1 tire changed (as it got punctured near the edge). Should I replace all the tires or just get this one changed? I am costco member, so is it worth to get new tires in Canada or USA?

    Do you think this could cause problems while exporting or in the safety inspection. I do not think so, but suggestions will help. Thanks in advance...
  2. Have a look at this inspection handbook. I think you will be fine unless the damage is very evident..

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